Saving space is an art, Interior Designers are who understand your requirements and suggest design ideas with creative mind according to available space.

1. Wall Mounted Dining Table
2. Wall Bed
3. Kitchen Magic Corner
4. Slim Shoe Rack
5. Moveable Dining Table
6. Sofa cum bed
7. Foldable Single Bed

Space Saving Wall Mounted Folding Dining Table

1. Wall mounted dining table

Having breakfast, lunch & dinner on a dining table feels like a luxury statement for the common man. But due to space constraints in the city like Mumbai, it is not possible to have a fixed/stable dining table in a small house.

Not to worry, We do have creative interior designers who understand the client’s needs and requirements and come up with the smart solutions.

Space Saving Folding Dining Table Online Mumbai

You can have a two seater or four seater wall mounted dining table in your kitchen or living area space. It will not consume space and it can be used whenever required. You have to just pull up when required and push down when you are done.

You can do:
1. Simply mount on a plain wall.
2. You can flush with the wall by making niche.
3. You can make storage behind the dining table also.

Also, you can choose finishes for the dining table top like Laminate(Sunmica), Back painted Glass, Acrylic, Veneer etc.

space saving wall mounted bed murphy bed

2. Wall Mounted Bed (Murphy Bed)

If a room is small like 1RK or a compact 1BHk home then in the bedroom it’s difficult to make provision of the queen/king size bed.


If family members are more, then you can plan an extra wall mounted bed in the Living Room. It saves space, in the day time it will be mounted on a wall and in the night you can pull down to sleep.

The disadvantage of the wall mounted bed is that you can not have a storage space in it and for aged people it will be a little difficult to pull and push up the bed two times in a day.

You can plan a wall mounted bed in the kids room, where you have two teenagers. They can easily pull down the bed and can use it.

In that way you can save space when you plan family functions, parties or guests who come to your home.

L-Shaped Kitchen Magic Corner

3. Kitchen Magic Corner

Add magic in your kitchen, an efficient kitchen keeps your mood healthy and makes you healthy.

If your kitchen is L-shaped and you are finding a smart solution for that L-corner, which is very difficult to store and operate on a daily basis.

We have a hardware fitting which best saves your space and is easy to operate on a daily basis.

Kitchen Magic Corner Basket Mumbai

These fittings are made of metal structure and four baskets are removable. You can take out and clean and replace easily. You don’t need to lean down more.

4. Slim Shoe Rack

Keeping dozens of shoes of family members at one place is a task and it becomes more difficult when there is no dedicated place to keep shoes in your house.

We Indians prefer to keep shoe racks outside the house but in today’s apartment system, builders do not keep much space outside the door where you can make shoe rack storage.

So, forcefully you have to keep at the entrance or behind the main door.

But, now you can plan a slim and compact shoe rack, which you can plan behind the door in a very minimum space or you can plan anywhere else you want.

It is a ready-made product and as per your shoe pairs, you can buy accordingly. It just needs to be mounted on the wall.

Convertible Dining Table Shelf Space Saving Furniture

5. Moveable Dining Table

Yes, a moveable dining table. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same place every day can feel boring.

Let’s say you have a big spacious balcony and some awesome day at night you want to enjoy family dinner on your balcony with a view.

I am sure you will not lift a heavy table of 6 people and take it to your balcony and have dinner. It will be a task for you and family members right?

It should be very easy to take your dining table all the way to your balcony with almost no effort. You have to just push it and on the wheels your dining table will move toward your balcony.

Or you can take it anywhere in your house, like a terrace, garden area theater room etc.

Is’t it cool?

Watch Video Now Below:-

Space Saving Sofa

6. Sofa cum bed

Sofa cum bed is still the best piece of furniture and commonly used as a space saving idea in Indian homes.

As it is majorly used in the living room area or common area where people can sit and sleep by expanding below part of the sofa.

Sofa cum bed is available in Metal structure, steel structure and plywood structure. Where we can add and customize foam and fabrics.

Space saving sofa cum bed

Sofa cum bed is also best to use in a kids room where kids can utilize space to play and show their creativity and in the night they can sleep.

Foldable Single Bed

7. Foldable single bed

Foldable single bed is a very good product for a small house, paying guests and hotels who provide extra mattresses in the rooms.

The tiny puffy type of seating, which can be adjusted near the sofa or bed or center table.

This single bed has two folds, which you can use for single person seating, expanding one fold will accommodate two persons and on the second fold one person can sleep on it.