If you are a millennial, or an aspiring YouTuber, Homeowner, a cafe owner, or someone who wants to jazz up their creative office space, or for that matter a rent-paying frequent-shifter kind of a millennial homeowner; here are the few things that instantly give you the vibe of youth and bring out the pop in your taste.

Drink a shot of kombucha for every piece on this list you want. You’ll go down fast!

1. World map artwork to signal our love of travel and “experiences, not things.”Inspire people to travel and have a different experience.

2. Tropical prints to subconsciously resist global warming and the destruction of rainforests. Because green is the new trend, plus who doesn’t want to be closer to nature?

Palm leaf motif wallart furniture

Monstera, plantain, and palm leaf motifs are particularly popular.

3. Brass-finish decor whose regality defies our recession-era coming-of-age. This cool and easy to maintain seat is sure to catch a lot of eyes, but try getting your hands on something which also has a backrest.

Brass finish furniture seating

4. A stylish bar cart to flex at your next party, because what millennial prefers going out. If not this, you can also look for a dinner trolley which today is the ultimate high-end serving station. If you don’t drink, stock it with non-alcoholic beverages and style it with books and showpieces. Go for a steampunk or mid-century modern design.

5. A rug with a classic “Moroccan tiles” pattern you’ll find on every fashion blogger’s Instagram. You can even add Moroccan tiles as a backsplash on your kitchen or bathroom walls.

Moroccan tiles pattern

6. Accessories in millennial pink and its metallic version, rose gold because we don’t believe in gender and everyone should be able to enjoy the best color ever. This not only adds brightness to an area but also helps in breaking the color monotony going on everywhere.

Pink rug and curtains

7. A gallery wall because we love the nostalgia of printed selfies. You can have pictures of famous people who have visited your café/office, or your close ones; some memorable moments; or anything that you like and would love to have around you.

Gallery wall of photos printed selfies

8. An accent table with hairpin legs, for the love of all things mid-century modern. It will be great if you could add a marble/ wooden tabletop to it.

An accent table with hairpin legs

A modern update to the classic Chesterfield sofa in colors like “avocado green”.This tufted green sofa seems to be straight out of a luxury Britishdesigner’s office.

Chesterfield sofa avocado green

9. Sustainable materials like wicker, rattan, and cane. They’re everywhere in furniture, storage, and lighting. Bonus for this is that it will also help the local community grow and prosper. Your décor will also brighten someone else’s home.

Cane furniture decor

10. The “it” chair of our generation: replicas of the Eames DSW chair. This is a quintessential mid-mod piece of furniture with clean design, shell shape, and distinctive legs. These are available in various designs and also come in eccentric colors with patchwork.

Shell shape chair with distinctive legs

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11. Sassy quotes in Hindi. These add sass and can be one of the cheapest ways to add to the suave of the place.

Sassy quotes in Hindi

12. Doormats with personality. These are one of a kind and can make others feel instantly at home.

Doormats with personality

13. Velvet, particularly jewel tones, particularly in the living room. This may seem high maintenance for some but nothing spells class like some velvet cushions.

Maroon velvet cushion set

14. A chunky knit throw blanket that’s incredibly huge.

Chunky Blanket

Now, this is not everyone’s cup of tea as some people may not grab this aesthetic concept and might feel that this would look messy, but NO, those who are aware know how visually appealing and comfortable this seems, especially on a winter evening.

15. Floating and open shelves to show off our latest reads and showpieces. These are available in various shapes such as a wine bottle, circle, rhombus, etc.

Floating and open shelves

16. Indoor plants like cacti and succulents, so you can truthfully tell your Tinder dates you’re an “urban farmer.” After all, a little greenery wouldn’t do any harm to anyone.

Indoor plants pots

17. Whimsical motifs, usually with a tropical vibe. Popular options include pineapple, avocado, flamingo, owl, cactus, tropical leaves, French bulldog, and unicorn. These will be the statement pieces everyone’s going to talk about.

Artistic decor items for home interiors

18. Seemingly vintage analog clocks to prove how “real” we are, even though we look at our phones more. You can never underestimate the importance of time, and you can never really complete a décor without a clock.

Vintage analog clocks

19. The “Grandmillennial” decor trend involves an appreciation for old-fashioned and outdated styles that your grandma might like, such as floral chintz, needlepoint, decoupage, etc. This print on sofas has made such a huge comeback and is here to stay for long. Gone are those days of plain fabric sofas.

Flower printed sofa two seater

20. A multi-functional and sustainable woven round pouffy, in this millennial-approved mustard color. You can also find these with storage also. Plus for children’s rooms, you can opt for animal-shaped Ottomans.

Mustard colour Puffy

21. Decorative pillows with a motif personal to you, like playful monkey emojis that perfectly embody the millennial love of texting. With the burst of social media apps, the emoticon pillows draw both young and old equally. They are cute, soft, usable and affordable all at the same time.

Monkey emojis pillow

22. Vintage Edison bulbs in your favorite shape. Various pendant lamps are up for grabs everywhere and thus tungsten color will boost the glow and light in the area.

Vintage edison bulbs

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, CivilLane can get you your share of these products customized as per your requirement and also try to incorporate any other ideas/thoughts from your side. Oh, and FYI — you can hit us up in order to get an estimate of any of the above.

P.S. –These will surely fit your budget.