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1. What is a rough itemized estimate ?

Ans. Itemized estimate is list of work items which are to be done at your site, you can compare rates and remove selected items, if not necessary.

2. When I will receive my free estimate ?

Ans. Most probably same day or the next day, but sometimes we do need further details from you to prepare the estimate.

3. Itemized estimate includes labour & Material ?

Ans. Yes.

4. Can you give me labour rates only ?

Ans. Yes Sure, the labour cost differs from city to city. Just give us a call and we will update for the same.

5. I don’t know how to give my the exact requirements, so can you prepare estimate?

Ans. We provide site visit, where we measure your site and collect requirements and prepare final itemized estimate. (but on chargeable basis of Rs.1000/- Mumbai & Pune city only)

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