This comparison took place when we got calls from many homeowners that they are getting wardrobe at the lower price in the market with a readymade design.

Here, we cannot argue with them, so this article is to aware the customers about what material they are getting in their budget.

Because wardrobe can be made in MDF as well as Plywood, but MDF board wardrobes are 30% cheaper as compared to plywood.

MDF Wardrobe

Why MDF is cheaper?

MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) the name itself suggest that it is a board, not a plywood.

MDF is made from the waste collected during cutting of solid wood, resin glue, water & Wax. Then processed in the factory for different sizes and thickness.

Advantages of MDF:-

1. Cheaper compared to Solid wood/Plywood
2. Easy to apply laminate, paint and other materials because of a smoother surface.
3. Easy for cutting and fitting.

Disadvantages of MDF

Disadvantages of MDF:-

1. It can lose strength if it comes in contact with water.
2. MDF can not take a load of heavy hardware like handles and channels.
3. Using nails on the edges can split it into two parts.

Look and Feel of MDF wardrobe:-

Look and feel is almost same as like normal wardrobe. You can not differentiate once it is finished. But yes, you can experience the difference when you operate.

You can buy MDF wardrobe IF,

1. If you are living in a rented place
2. Want temporary solution like for 2 or 3 years

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Plywood Wardrobe

Why plywood is costlier than MDF?

Plywood is a sheet made of wood veneers.

These wood veneers are placed in horizontal and vertical position one by one and bonded together to produce a plywood sheet.

There are different types of plywood available like Commercial Plywood, Semi-marine, Marine Plywood, Gurjan Plywood etc.

Advantages of Plywood:-

1. Strength is more compared to MDF
2. Easy to apply laminate & polish.
3. Can take a load of heavy hardware like hinges, handles, and channels
4. Low chances of cracking when using nails

Advantages of Plywood

Disadvantages of Plywood:-

1. Costlier compared to MDF
2. It gets heavier when comes in contact with water
3. Needs special blades to cut plywood.

Look and Feel of plywood wardrobe:-

Looks good when it is finished with the material and can differentiate the feel when you use it.

Quick Thoughts:-

1. When you purchase MDF wardrobe make sure you are aware of disadvantages.

2. MDF is fine if used for shelves, partition & drawers.

3. Don’t impress by price, think about the durability and value.

4. Plywood wardrobe is worth spending in terms of durability and quality.