No matter how small or basic your balcony is, it is your only way to get a dose of sunshine. In densely populated urban areas of the cities even having a small balcony or terrace is such a boon. You can create a garden there. You can sit there and enjoy.

Surely you may have many plans about your balcony design and style but considering these amazing decorating ideas that will turn your balcony into a walk-in paradise!

1. Utilize vertical space

Utilize balcony vertical space for plants

Utilize vertical space by hanging planters on the walls, use railing planters and grow a lot of climbers. This will cover your plain vertical wall. Instead of placing on the floor, hang it on the walls .This will look good and also save your space .You will get number of choices for hanging planters in the market which are easily available as per your choice. You can also use macrame which available in all size will help you to hang plants anywhere you want. You can also anchor one plant basket into another plant basket.

2. Use Old / unused furniture

Use old unused furniture for balcony decoration

Utilize your old furniture or unused furniture for outdoor use because you can’t use good furniture for balcony as you fear that your new furniture will get spoiled. Sometimes we just throw away our old furniture instead of that place it in your balcony which will be helpful and also your unused furniture will get some work to do. Example use your magazine shelf for keeping magazines so that whenever you want you can sit &relax and read the magazine while watching beautiful nature. Also you can use old table for placing showpieces.

3. Use artificial flowers or artificial plants.

Use artificial flowers and plants for balcony decoration

Artificial flowers work great when you use them to decorate tables or corners of your home. Keep this outside the balcony which gives colorful look to your balcony when you enter into it. If your balcony have an empty wall and do not know what to do with it, then this one’s for you. Grab some pretty artificial flowers and twine them up a ladder. Place this ladder against the wall and see how attractive it looks!. This idea works perfectly well with fake creepers on it. Buildings have wire connection hanging on wall entering your balcony this wire look unwanted to avoid them you can use artificial creepers to cover them. This give you a natural and pleasant look!

4. Use wall stickers or wall brackets

Use wall stickers wall brackets balcony decor ideas

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You have number of options to decorate your balcony and still you won’t get satisfied. So here is another option i.e. You can design wall of balcony with acrylic wall stickers which grabs attention of people as it gives beautiful look . Apart from this you can also install wall brackets this will give good support to shelf and placing pots on shelf will be a great idea. You also get hanging option with your wall bracket which will you be able to hang macrame. Along with that Hanging bird cage on wall brackets also gives option for balcony décor.

5. Use posters

Use posters for balcony decoration tips

One of the biggest trends today is decorating walls using various posters. They not only look modern and stylish but often help to conceal various flaws of the space. Design your balcony with some colorful posters, pictures or welcome note which will be pleasing.

6. Do lighting

Lighten up your balcony

During the evening, it is important that your balcony garden is well-lit. Especially near door, it’s nice to make more bright spots. Moreover, lighting a roof will make it look larger during dusk.

7. Make comfortable area to relax and sit

Make comfortable area to relax and sit

Making a cozy area to relax in, helps our bodies and minds to be more calmer. As a result, healthier. If we don’t make time to relax, how are we gonna recoup from our daily work? Even though we love our jobs, chores, or tasks, we still get worn out. When your balcony is sober you will automatically feel to go in balcony and relax there. Arrange comfortable sitting chair, tea table so that you can chill for many hours

Decorate your balcony garden as an idea for inspiration. Creating a green space not only is therapeutic but adds beauty to the house.