In earlier times the dining room was always kept separate. In a joint family, everyone sat and ate together at the same time. So exchanging ideas and getting advice. It was considered an important place in those days as important decisions were made by sitting in the dining room, but today due to lack of space and lack of joint family spirit people have forgotten to sit and eat with. At present there is no dining room but an open space adjacent to the drawing room or kitchen. There is nothing wrong with that, But good results can be achieved if the dining table is arranged according to Vastu Shastra.


Vastu Tips For Dining Room / Table Area:


1. The dining table should be rectangular or square. Keeping it round does not make any negotiations successful.

2. Do not keep the dining table semicircular or oval. Sitting at such a table is likely to cause indigestion.

Oval Shape Dining Table Vastu Tips

3. A pentagonal or octagonal shaped dining table is considered to be excellent.

Pentagon Octagon Shape Dining Table Vastu Tips

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4. The arrangement of dining room, dining table or dining in east or west direction is considered to be very excellent.

5. Eating facing east or north increases digestion and keeps the body healthy.

6. South-facing diners are more likely to have constipation, gas or acidity.

7. Keep the color of the dining room white or green.

8. Never keep the kitchen low and the dining room high.

9. Placing pictures of fruit on the wall of the dining room. Do not place a mirror in front of the dining table.

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