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We are going to make you understand that what are the things to keep in mind while interior design or renovation.

First, we will talk about the newly purchased 3bhk house.

Newly purchased 3bhk apartment interior design

What not to do!

If you have got the possession, then you will be in a hurry to do the interior work. In this situation, we would advise not to rush, as it can spoil not only your money but also your work.

So, don’t get bogged down in finding an interior designer. The house is only built once.

Suppose, you have a limited budget to get the interior of your house done and when you do planning, at the end moment and you come to know that it is out of your budget, then you will probably have to settle with both time and money.

What to do!

Find a designer 6 months or 1 year before getting the possession and get the design made by them. So that you can plan your budget accordingly.

After getting the design done, you can take estimates and compare from two or three contractors. With this practice you will also know the market rates and you can choose the right contractor.

Then, you can start the work immediately when you get the possession as decided.

Second, now we will talk about the existing 3bhk house renovation.

3bhk home renovation apartment cost mumbai

What not to do!

Don’t get the renovation done room by room. This will take more of your time and there will be no equality in the work.

The whole house will be filled with dust and dirt, you will have difficulty in working everyday and your valuable things may also get damaged if you stay in the same house and get the work done.

What to do!

First decide what work needs to be done for renovation and then take estimates from two or three contractors. Make your budget accordingly and fix time for work.

If you are making civil changes, then it would be better to get it planned from the designer first and also take permission (NOC) letter from the society.

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The cost also depends on the many factors like:

Site location: The locality or city you live in also matters, like for an example of Bandra, Pali hill, Mumbai’s interior cost will be higher than Virar, Mumbai location. According to Prime location, the basic needs and taste of the people will be different.

House Area: Carpet area of the house also matters, like for a 3BHK you will find different configurations of 850 sq. f.t, 900 sq. ft., 1000 sq. ft., 1200 sq. ft. etc. If area increases, the work quantity also increase like painting, furniture, false ceiling, lights etc.

Higher the carpet area = Higher the interior cost.

Scope of work: Whether you want to make interior with minimal requirements for a single room or entire house with lavish interiors.

Materials: There are vast varieties of materials available to choose from like which finish you want on flooring and furniture. For e.g. for flooring tiles price is cheaper than Italian marble and same for furniture, laminate is cheaper than veneer.

Old vs New Property: In an old property there will be a major part of renovation like breaking, flooring, plumbing, electrical etc. where in new property it doesn’t involved. You have to do the furnishing part only.

Average 3BHK Home Renovation Cost Breakup (1000 sq. ft. carpet area)

Renovation Cost Breakup
Breaking Rs. 40,000
Tiles Work Rs. 4,00,000
Electrical Rs. 2,40,000
Bathrooms Rs. 2,70,000
Painting Rs. 1,05,000
Window Rs. 70,000
False Ceiling Rs. 1,20,000
All Furniture Rs. 10,00,000
Total Average Cost Rs. 22,45,000

Average 3BHK New Home Interior Cost Breakup (1000 sq. ft. carpet area)

New Home Interior Cost Breakup
Furniture 10,00,000
False Ceiling Rs. 1,20,000
Painting Rs. 1,05,000
Total Average Cost Rs. 12,25,000

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