According to Vastushastra, everyone enters through the main door when returning home from the outside world. The main door brings positive energy into the home that enhances wealth, health, fame, goodwill, and prosperity. That is why the main door of the house is important. The person who arrives at the entrance of the house estimates our well-being. Therefore the main entrance must be in accordance with the rules of vastushastra.

1. If the main door is in the north or east direction, it brings prosperity.

2. If the entrance door is on the east or west direction, it gives you happiness and prosperity.

3. If the main gate is on the north or west side, it gives you prosperity and increase the interest of the members living in the house in spirituality.

4. If the main entrance is on the east side, it develops you and enriches the people living in the house.

5. If the entrance is only on the west side it will give you an advantage in business, but the benefit will be temporary.

6. Under no circumstances should the entrance be made in a south-west direction. The entrance in this direction means an open invitation to difficulties.