Home renovation is a puzzle, it looks easy to do but it is complicated.

If you are planning to do the complete end to end home renovation, then decide time to start the renovation and prepare a budget for it.

Time is very important because you will have to vacate the home for the renovation, temporarily you will have to find a rented house near by area where you can easily shift with your belongings and come to your site whenever required.

Finding the rented house near by or next to your site is very important, because during the renovation,
Contractor call you for material selection,
To see the work quality,
Waits for your approval on particular things you need,
If the contractor has any doubt,
Any society related issues etc.

So, if you are nearby then it is more convenient for you to visit and make decisions. But if you are far away from your site then you can not visit regularly and track the progress of your site, and if contractors need your help, you won’t be able to reach on time and indirectly work gets delayed.

It is recommended to stay nearby to your site during renovation.

Second is Budget

Don’t just assume the budget roughly and do not start renovation work. At Least take quotations from two contractors and then arrange funds for it. If it is out of your budget then you can skip some work items, if possible, or you can opt for EMI or loan.

Remember, arrange funds 10% extra of the total budget quoted. Because during the renovation, we realize change in work or add up extra work required. So to not let the work get delayed due to funds, pre plan for it because you may be living in a rented house and may have to stay one more month.

Keeping in mind all the scenarios, the budget requires planning.

Now, let’s cover what will be the renovation budget for 1 BHK apartment.

Standard 1 BHK can be in different carpet area sizes from 400, 425, 450 and 475 sq. ft.

Home renovation requirements will be different for every homeowner. So we have divided the section into two parts, partial renovation and complete renovation.

Partial Renovation (Civil Work)

Breaking of existing flooring
Breaking of existing bathroom
Breaking of existing kitchen
Removing existing windows
Removing electrical wires and switches
Removing of wall plaster (if required)

Applying New Flooring Tiles
Making New Bathroom with Tiles, plumbing and sanitary fittings
Installing New Kitchen platform with wall tiles
Installing concealed Wiring and switches
Installing new aluminum windows
Making Window and door frames
Making false ceiling in living room and bedroom
Applying wall painting

The above work will cost you around Rs.1500 per sq. ft. of your carpet area.

Whatever is your carpet area for e.g. 450 sq. ft.

450 x Rs.1500 = Rs.6,75,000/- approx. (civil work budget)

Complete New Renovation (with Furniture)

Civil work items will be the same as mentioned above.

Furniture Items Includes:

New safety door
Shoe rack near entrance
Making TV Unit
3 Seater sofa in hall
Modular KitchenSliding Wardrobe
Queen size bed
Dressing unit
Side Table
Study Table

The above work will cost you around Rs.1000 per sq. ft. of your carpet area.

So, if you want to make complete 1 BHK renovation with furniture, then it will cost you Rs.2500/- per sq. ft. of carpet area

E.g. 450 x Rs.2500 = Rs.11,25,000/- approx. (civil work with furniture)

The above cost estimate should be only considered for preliminary planning, it may change according to your taste, needs and location.

Like, if you want to make it luxury by using Italian marble, veneer, back painted glass and exclusive German brand hardwares then it may cost you higher than above cost.

If you want to get a customized estimate as per your requirements, we can visit your site for taking measurements and suggest you best planning, design and ideas.

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