Electrical wiring cost per point concealed labour material

Electrical Work

If you are renovating or building a new home, here are some points you can refer,

1. Make wiring distribution for all rooms from flooring, concealed wiring from flooring makes work faster and easy.

2. Make sure you take electrical wiring layout from the contractor for any future changes in electrical wiring.

3. Avoid wire looping from one point to another for durability and of course safety work.

4. Use branded wires & switches. e.g Polycab, GM

5. Don’t forget to have MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) & RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker)


Primary Light Point

Secondary Light Point

Domestic Light Point

Half Plug Point

Full Plug Point

3D Interior Design Services

1.5 sq.mm circuit

2.5 sq.mm circuit

4 sq.mm circuit

Concealed Light Fitting

Fan Fitting


  • Above mentioned rates are charged per point basis.

  • Above mentioned wiring installation charged per running feet basis.  (RFT)

  • Material rates includes wires, switches, pipes & labour.

  • Cost may subject to change as per work condition and location.