If you have bought a New Home and planning to hire an Interior Designer for your project, then read more below to SAVE MONEY ON DESIGN!

Most of the homeowners like YOU,

When they buy a new home, every member of the family tries to design by himself, and every member may not have enough knowledge of interior structure, materials, and other technical know-how.

Even civil engineers get confused to design their own home interiors because they only know structural rules, not interior rules. So, they also hire an interior designer.

Here you are a layman!

If we talk about another side,

Homeowners dependent on a local contractor/carpenter to suggest them design ideas and planning.

Which tends to an undesired result at the end.

CivilLane Interior Design Services Online

Because of these practices,
1. You lose patience on the argument with labors
2. You compromise with the end result
3. You also lose money if something went wrong
4. You also lose the time

This all happens because you think that hiring an interior designer is very expensive and tries to do it by yourself.


Why don’t plan design for your dream home which fits your pocket?

Just get the design from a professional interior designer and get it executed by CivilLane team or your contractor to get the well-planned look for your home.

We will give you a “3D Interior Design” at the affordable price.

Don’t need to hire a full-time interior designer who charges you the percentage on the overall budget.

1. You get the design from an expert
2. You can Visualize home before it’s done
3. Latest design ideas and suggestions from an expert
4. Helps you to finalize the budget
5. FREE phone support during execution & MORE…

Leave a COMMENT on your flat size and location below for expert advice.

Our designed and executed projects using 3D Design Sevice.