Here, we have interviewed an aluminum anodizing expert from Mumbai.

Vivid Colours:

From Clothes to Cars, Color has always been one of the important element in the selection process.

When you order aluminum sliding window for your home, you might only know about the 2-3 colors shades that are available for the windows.

But, there are total of 10 to 12 shades in aluminum window anodizing.

Which shades are usually preferred by customers?

According to customer’s personal choices colors such as Golden Glossy, Champion glossy, Champion dark, Champion light, Silver, Silver matt, Silver light, Brown, Black light, Black matt is in a good demand.

Cost Factor:

0.10 paisa still exist in market!! Shocked right??

The reason for saying that is aluminum anodizing is charged from Rs. 0.10 paisa to 0.50 paisa per inch.

Let’s understand how-

Anodizing charges depends on Microns

There are 12 to 25 microns charged at 10 paisa, 20 p, 30p, per inch according to the micron.

12 microns is lowest and 25 microns is highest,

E.g. 16 micron cost approx 20 paisa

12 microns are mostly used in lower range of aluminum anodizing window. Whereas 25 microns are
used by big builders.

In lower range of microns, you will see difference in handle, bearing etc. but if you use high microns,
all the elements look properly synced in a single tone, i.e. perfect anodized.

For example,
There is a 6×7 feet window, then approx. 25-27 kg will be the total weight of the aluminium.

To get the total cost we need to multiply: TOTAL KG multiplied by Rs.40/- for 12 microns

If you want to increase the microns – price will go high.

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How you prepare quotation for entire building?

If we have to give quotation for the entire building say 30-40 floors, then we will not measure every flat right?

We will take measurement for 1 flat for e.g. 2BHK (living room + 2 bedroom)
We will calculate total measurements of all windows and total kgs for e.g. say 100 kg for one 2BHK flat.

So we will multiply 100kg multiplied by Rs.40 = 4000 will be anodizing cost and if we multiply 100 kg with Rs.200 = 20,000 will be material cost.

Anodizing Cost

100 kg x 40 = Rs.4000

Material Cost

100 kg x 200 = Rs.20,000

This is how calculation is done.