We Indians always want to save money as much as we can, because we believe in savings.

If you are planning for your kitchen renovation and do not want to spend more on the kitchen then follow below tips to save money.

Many of you may require partial renovation or complete renovation, or one who is planning to shift to another place in the short term and wants to spend the minimum on a kitchen.

Kitchen Overhead Marble Shelves

First, let’s start with the Civil Work,

1. Lay new tiles on existing flooring to save breaking cost.
2. Install cheapest rate tiles in the kitchen platform area, which will hide behind the trolleys.
3. Do not install tiles behind the wall cabinets and loft storages, cabinet backers will cover the wall area.
4. Install self adhesive wall stickers or wall panels on wall tiles without breaking it.
5. You can install new countertop stones on existing platforms, if platform height is manageable.
6. You can make a kadappa or granite sink instead of using an SS sink.
7. Green marble and kadappa is the cheapest option for kitchen countertops.
8. ┬áDon’t make brick walls for kitchen platform verticals, it occupies more space than marble verticals.
9. Make kitchen aluminum windows without powder coated or anodizing to save cost.
10. Make fixed marble boxes in kitchen overhead storage to save money on cabinets.

Low Budget Kitchen Furniture Work

Furniture Work,

1. Change only the outer laminate, if the plywood base is still good.
2. Do buffing of existing steel trolleys and baskets.
3. Hardware channels can be replaced or do greasing.
4. Make only shutters for kitchen overhead storage if created marble boxes.
5. To save the cost make kitchen platform shutters only in marine ply, for rest you can use commercial ply.
6. Use normal patti hinges for shutters, avoid auto hinges.
7. Make removable SS baskets and trolleys for easy maintenance purposes.
8. If there is a termite issue then aluminum bakelite is the cheapest and good option for making kitchen shutters.
9. Use non-soft close channels and hinges to save cost.
10. If necessary then install a filter chimney instead of a ducted chimney, the cheapest option will be an exhaust fan.

Use above tips as per your requirements and kitchen condition.