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Most of the home owners like you, when they are renovating their home, common thing in which they get confused is TILES, right?

Let it be Floor tiles, Kitchen tiles, Wall tiles etc.

No home owner who is spending money for renovating their home would go with the same tiles in every room. They want rooms to look something different & feel different.

Now there are numbers of types in tiles you can go with according to your budget and how you want it to look or according to your room.


YOU end up looking for the best tiles available on internet for literally weeks or even months sometimes, then you decide to visit some shops after getting confused on internet.

But here is a thing you should do before rushing out to buy your floor tiles.

Think of your room first of all, how you want the laminate on your furniture in a particular room, wall colour of the room, then while visiting a shop try to match those things as per your idea to get best for your room.

Example:– If you go for any dark laminate you can definitely go for ivory or any light shade tiles for your room.

Once your room is ready for tiling, you should calculate how many tiles you will need to purchase for the complete work. It is always best to buy tiles in one go & get more than you need.


What if you run out of them ?
What if you go back to the shop & found out that the tiles with the same pattern are not available ?
It would be a mess, right ?


Better you take the designer or a Contractor who ever you want to get a idea on which tile would be matching to most of the rooms colour and would let you know how much tile would be required for a particular room.

Another thing you can do if your floor tiles are in perfect condition you can do PVC or vinyl flooring on it to change the look of your room. And it would help you to cut down the budget a lot (if you need).


Never buy large size tiles to get luxurious look in a small size room. It will not work, and the total budget for your home would be exceeded.

We have covered the topic in separate for better understanding, Click the link below:-
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Selection of Flooring Tiles for Small Sized Rooms in Hindi

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1. You should go with small Dimension tiles for Reducing amount & wastage of materials in a small room.

2. Do not purchase tiles by visiting the shop at night, instead go during daylight & See the tiles in sunlight for better understanding the requirement of different rooms.




Q : What things should be kept in mind while you go for tile selection?

A : First important thing is your budget, secondly size of your rooms in case of flooring.
As when you go for flooring of 10×10 size room and decide to take up big tiles there is material wastage, Increase in budget and extra labour charge, but if you go for vitrified tiles or small size tiles it will give a good and spacious look & labour cost will be reduced.

Q : How to choose a tile color scheme wisely?

A : Consider over all thing like lamination, colour of curtain, sofa fabric and then flooring according to all colour and texture scheme. You can even search online for the same.

Q : How to decide budget or how to decide range of tile for particular room?

A : First check your overall budget and then take out 25-30% aside for flooring and it’s better to take suggestions from contractor.

Q : When we go to a shop and choose costly tiles then what will be the effect on our budget?

A : That may increase your budget to 40-45% So that will badly effect your budget

Q : Many times it happens when we go to a shop and select tiles, colour difference is seen when we see same thing at home. How to tackle this?

A : Whenever you go for selecting a tile take a look at it in sun light rather than in shops light. You will come to know the actual colour of the tile, & how it would suite your room.

Q : When flooring is provided by builders but in case we want to change it what we are suppose to do?

A : in such case, if the flooring is in good condition just go for PVC(Polyvinyl chloride) flooring, it would be the best & cheaper option for you to go with.

Q : What is PVC flooring?

A : Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tiles are a commonly used floor finish thin sheets.