Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata.

Growing demand of residential and commercial properties and also rising of interior designers and its service providers.

Finding the best interior designer in these cities is a very challenging task for homeowners. It is very difficult for them to shortlist and finalize as there are service providers like local flea markets on the internet and each one of them pretends to be a top interior designer in their city.

Because, Google does not know the difference between genuine and fake one. It only shows the results for which Google gets paid or it shows the content posted on the web which matches the keywords searched by the visitor.

For the sake of a good profit, everyone wants to dive into the market, without even knowledge and without their specialty.

The reality of the home interior market is,
Architects take up the work of interior designer’s,
Interior designers take up the work of contractor’s,
Carpenter and plumber become the turnkey contractor,
And labor who do the job on daily wages, starts taking small jobs on their own.

That’s also not the problem because, they are into this field and has practical knowledge and experience.

Unfair reality is that the real estate brokers and property listing portals have started giving interior design services.

They don’t have any previous experience. They Dependent on third party contractors and freelance interior designers to provide you services.

They already have access to clientele and who purchase the properties are looking for the interiors also. Here they only have to pitch the additional service they offer and do the marketing to generate the leads and enquiries.

Just because they can do good marketing with 3D rendered photos, sometimes fake photos which do not relate to Indian houses, is able to convince the home owners to trust them and avail their services.

Their only interest is to earn commission on each project on a volume basis. Where many homeowners lose their hard earned money due to lack of knowledge and making wrong decisions for selecting interior designers.

In the companies, designers and contractors who work for them, do not take responsibility for damages to time, material and quality. They simply blame their project manager, and when you try to complain to the manager or owner, they never connect with you. So it’s always better to know who is going to undertake and under whose supervision your project will get complete.

Here, home buyers will have to do heads-up, always shortlist your interior designer based on their past experience, actual work done by them, genuine reviews about the work and yes, word of mouth and reference always works. Do not believe unrealistic 3D images, reviews and ads which are just marketing strategies.

Many reputed online interior design companies offer low price interior packages for 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and Modular Kitchens with undisclosed hidden details. Where their motive is to drive traffic to their website and generate leads with your name, email and contact details. So that they can call and convert you into their clients.

But, when you walk into their experience centre, showroom or shop and start understanding their packages offered, you get shocked with the material and quality they offer at that price. Undisclosed details start getting exposed in the meeting.

Its better to cross check, confirm and then finalize the deal with such type of offering.