I don’t need an interior designer!
I can do it my self, will download the images from the internet and finalize.

That’s how the majority of people think when they plan their home interiors.

Here, a small group of people knows that professionals have the ability to add more value.

If it is a small repair work of your home or something then you can do it by your self by calling a carpenter, electrician or a plumber.

But designing your home is a totally different thing, like making designs as per your dimensions, managing labors, material selections, ordering right quantity, supervising, etc.

So will understand,

1. Who is an interior designer and what’s his role for your home?

2. Which things to keep in mind while finalizing an interior designer?

Before we start, let me clarify that there is a difference between
Interior Designer, Interior Decorator & Interior Contractor.

A. An Interior designer is capable of designing ideas and thoughts on a paper or through software to give you an efficient design for your home. These interior designers are diploma/degree holders who have more of a theoretical knowledge like dos and don’ts for interiors.

B. An Interior decorator is an individual or a firm who have many years of experience in making house interiors, who have practical knowledge. But they may not have any degree or certificate.

C. An Interior contractor, who manages the execution part, who has a team for every work like civil, electrical, painting, furniture, etc. He is responsible for all the work to be executed on site. You can say one point of contact for the entire project.

Now, let’s come to the point, how you should hire an interior designer?

1. First, note down the list of the items that you want to be done at your home, whether it is a newly bought home or renovation. Discuss all those points with your family members also so you can explain better to the designer when he comes to your site or when you visit their shop or office.

2. Have a list of items ready on a paper room by room with requirements and questions to ask. So you cannot forget any necessary item and your doubts.

3. After that, decide your budget in which the particular you want it to be fit. How much you can spend the maximum, set your limit.

Once you decide your budget…

4. Now filter the 3-4 interior designers from whom you would like to get the work done. If you have any strong reference from your family/friends or you have seen some awesome designs online or at someone’s place, give the first call to them.

You can decide the interior designer based on their design ideas used, experience in projects, practical knowledge, brand name, online reviews, etc.

Now, one by one keep a meeting with them at your house and explain your requirements, taste, and budget.

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Let the designer give their thoughts, suggestions, and ideas based on you can pick something new or you can ask a cross-question for their opinion.

After the discussion, tell him to give an itemized estimate for entire work with the time duration and payment terms. Tell them your time limit if you have a time constraint, so they can give you a fair answer for completion.

Confirm that they will take end to end work under them or will only supervise your project on a percentage basis or lump sum basis.

Here, you can hire an interior designer for only design and supervision purpose for your project, If you already have a good contractor.

But, here is a disadvantage that you will have to manage all the team for each work, the designer will not take any responsibility If the project gets delayed by a contractor.

Once you receive the estimate from each designer, compare the rates, materials they are using their terms and conditions. Which things you have to buy and what are included in their budget.

This should be done before you hire an interior designer.

Now, it’s time to finalize the one.

1. Finalize the one, who has the experience, but not new in his work like college pass out student. Because there are chances that he/she will make a lot of mistakes.

2. Ask him to show one of the projects similar to yours and request him that you would like to visit the site and then make the decision.

3. Sign a contract with mutually agreed terms and conditions.