Whenever we buy property, we hear so many terms like carpet area, built-up area, super built-up area, plinth area and covered area.

But it becomes very confusing to understand which is included in which area and which are not included.

So, in this post we will cover the Carpet Area in detail.

Ever since RERA (real estate regulation & development act) has come, under that act, some changes have been made in the definition of carpet area.

Some spaces which were included before RERA, are no longer there and some extra spaces have been included in it.

So what are these changes, we will cover about that in detail.

We will talk about how carpet area is calculated?

Real estate was one area where there was a lot of fraud, due to no rules, and then the Government of India passed the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act in 2016, which is known as RERA in short.

The main purpose of this act is to bring transparency & regulation in the real estate sector, so that builders can not do fraud.

You get to know exactly how much area you will get after construction and you will know the exact time period when you will get the possession.

Because, the definition was not very clear, what is the carpet area and built-up area, now in RERA it has been defined.

Carpet area has been defined as a standardized term and according to that builder promises you to give that much carpet area whenever you go to buy a property.

In the layout below, we will explain, what is the carpet area?

2BHK Layout Rera Carpet Area Act 2016

So, as you can see, this is a two-bedroom, hall kitchen layout,
you can see that the area marked in red are the external walls of this flat.

The carpet area is, under the external walls area, the portion marked as green is carpet area.

The carpet area will include all these spaces like living room space, kitchen area, two toilets, two bedrooms, all these spaces are included in the carpet area.

Along with the small change that happened under RERA is that internal walls were not included earlier under the carpet area but after the act of RERA, it will also be included in the carpet area marked as green.

And one more minor change is that, the balconies were used to be included under the carpet area as you can see in the living room and bedroom marked as red cross, earlier it used to be included in the carpet area but now after RERA it will not be included, which is marked as red.

So to define carpet area in a single line,
“The area within the external walls”

All the external area which is marked as red is the carpet area in this layout.

Along with this, an internal staircase within the property unit, A staircase within a villa will also be included in the carpet area. That staircase is not an external staircase, so the common staircase within a building or multiple flats, that staircase will not be included in the carpet area.

Let’s understand
Which areas are included and excluded:

Rooms – Living/Dining, Kitchen, Bedrooms
Kitchen, store room, Bathrooms and utility area
Internal walls
cupboard spaces
staircase within property unit

External Walls
Service shafts
Common areas – lift, staircase, club house etc.
Balconies, Terrace & Verandahs

We think you may have broadly got the idea of which space is included in the carpet area and which space is not.