Pune, rapidly growing an IT & Industrial hub city of Maharashtra. In the past 10 years, the demand for residential apartments has increased. Therefore if you travel from Mumbai to Pune by road, you will get to see the enormous amount of construction going on all the way. Reputed builders like Godrej are also making township projects in Pune and nearby areas.

Many Mumbaikars are shifting to Pune for better opportunities and of course, affordability of the house compared to Mumbai. Property rates are cheaper compared to Mumbai, you can buy 2 BHK flats in Pune, where in Mumbai you will be able to buy only 1RK (room kitchen) only.

In Pune, as per location you will get the variation of property rates. Like, in a standalone building of 4 floors with no amenities, it will be cheaper in rates but you get the bigger carpet area. Where in high-rise buildings or in township projects, you get less carpet area but better connectivity and more amenities.

The builder gives you a semi-furnished home with flooring, kitchen platform, bathroom fittings, windows, doors, painting, electrical wiring and points. Rest of the things for the interiors like furniture, modular kitchen and false ceiling, you have to do by yourself.

Planning a home interior is a little gamic part, because most of the buyers do the home interior for the first time and are unaware about market trends, material rates and labour costs. Sometimes it happens that homeowners get cheated with materials or are overcharged for the work.

So, here we gonna help you to know a rough budget if you are planning to buy a 2 BHK flat or have already bought and want to do the interiors.

Typical sizes of 2 BHK apartment:
1. 600 Sq. ft.
2. 650 Sq. ft.
3. 700 Sq. ft.
4. 800 Sq. ft.

Before you get your rough budget, we will recommend you to plan interior design first before starting any work. With the help of software, you are able to visualize your home interior in 3D, how it will look after the work is done. It saves your money from unwanted spending during the execution of the work.

Interior Budget for 2 BHK flats (650 – 700 sq. ft.)

We assume that the builder has given you the fit-outs like
Flooring, Kitchen Platform, Windows, Doors, Bathroom Fittings, Painting, and Electrical wiring and points.

2 BHK Interior Furniture Cost Breakup With Work Items (PUNE):
1. Safety Door – 35k to 55k
2. Shoe rack – 10k to 18k
3. TV Unit – 40k to 65k
4. Modular Kitchen – 1.25 L to 2.50 L
5. Queen Bed – 40k to 45k
6. King Bed – 45k to 55k
7. Wardrobe (6×9) – 90k
8. Wardrobe (8×9) – 1.15k
9. Dressing Unit – 12k to 15k
10. False Ceiling – 90k
11. False Ceiling LED Lights – 25k to 30k
12. False Ceiling Painting – 25k

2 BHK Interior furniture cost you roughly
Rs.6.52* lakh to Rs.8.53* lakh

These are the basic interior items on which a home buyer spends after the newly bought home, but there are many more which depend on the individual, like the sofa, center table, side table, a window grill, AC paneling, wallpaper, re-painting, electrical changes, etc.

(Above estimate is given as per standard designs and materials, the choice of exclusive material and design may cost you extra.)


Beyond the budget, most of the homeowners have a time constraint also, who wants to move fast in their home after the possession, because they are already living in a rented house and don’t want to spend extra money if the things are manageable.

Here, Modular Furniture is the best option for the homeowners, in which the furniture items like Kitchen, TV unit, Bed, Wardrobe, and other furniture items parts gets ready in the factory and it requires only to assemble it on-site which take only a few days to assemble compared to traditional carpentry work.

Modular means, you can dismantle your furniture and re-install it at any other place whenever you want, when you move to another place. Which is not possible if you make carpentry furniture.

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