Many of us have noticed that, individuals and companies who start their offices for their business are shut down in a few months or in a year due to lack of positive vibes in that business, loss in business and lack of job satisfaction in employees.

Somehow, if you are good at your work and confident in yourself then it should not happen. Many of us do not believe in Vastu but in a scientific way we should consider it or give it a try for our fortune.

If any office is designed according to Vastu Shastra then you will succeed for sure.

1. Any office should be built in the southwest corner.
2. The manager’s cabin should always be square or rectangular.
3. Keep the office door facing north or east.
4. It should not make a sound when opening the door.
5. Always keep the door open in a clockwise direction.
6. The door should open on the inside.
7. Sit facing east or north in the office to get better results.
8. The owner’s chair should be high at the back.
9. Keep the chair in front of the owner in even numbers.
10. The owner should never sit below the other.
11. The main table should be rectangular.
12. Do not keep the office table hemispherical, round or oval.
13. Place the computer on the table in the south-east corner.
14. Keep the fax machine, telephone, mobile phone on the left side.
15. Do not keep a glass full of water next to the mobile phone while making important decisions.
16. The sofa in the office should be placed in the north or east direction.
17. If the office has a loft, the owner should sit in the loft and the staff should sit under the loft. Be careful that employees do not sit on top of the boss cabin.
18. Do not keep photos or idols of god on a glass, stone or ply shelf. Make a proper temple for it.

If you have liked the above tips and tried in your office and got the results then kindly share this informative post with your friends and family members for their knowledge. It will be very helpful for one who is about to start their new business. Share and Comment.