Feng shui


Plants also play an important role in Feng Shui, they bring life force into the home and help freshen the air. Plants in different shapes produce different types of energy. Upward pointed leaf plants yang and south of the house others move the static energy of the pointed corner. Curved leaves express yin and calmness with rounded leaves and their presence in the north direction is considered auspicious. However, the plants must be healthy. sick plant, crushed leaves and flowers stabilize energy.

Anthurium Plant For Home Feng Shui Tips


Color and shape


The shape and color of the plant should be such that it can communicate with the five elements.
When using a thorny plant, it should be placed in such a way that it cannot project harmful energy towards the person sitting in front of it.

Artificial silk flowers in vase




A flower in a flower vase is very decorative, but cutting it technically kills the flower. It often happens that the flower remains in stale water for several days. For this reason, instead of decorating flowers in flower vases, flower plants should be planted in pots. You can also plant flowers according to the season, which will stay fresh and keep everyone fresh through fresh energies.

A dried flower is also technically dead and contains stagnant energy. Alternatively, photos of flowers, brightly colored wooden replicas and artificial silk flowers can be used. Each of these is a symbol of growth and causes beneficial “chi” to flow in the house.

Money plant is considered a Feng Shui plant


Feng Shui Plants


“Money plant” is considered a “Feng Shui plant”. The plant symbolizes growth of wealth and its round leaves are representative of metal. For this reason, keep the money plant in the west and north-west direction of the house for good luck. If it is placed in the South-East (Dhan Kshetra) direction, the metallic energy of this sector collides with the Kashta element.


Other uses of plants


1. Plants should be placed in a stable, dark and corner location.
2. Give motionless energy a motion with the help of plants.
3. Plants help to harmonize the fire and water elements of the kitchen.
4. Balance the bright energy of the corridor by placing plants.
5. The presence of plants reduces the excess water content of the bathroom.
6. Enrich the east direction and south-east corner of the house with plants. The plant also helps in correcting the south direction.