Wallpaper and paint both add colors to your walls & life.

Paint has been improved from years like from using lime paste (chuna) to till date’s Anti-bacterial paint, washable paint, velvet painting, luster paint, etc., and still improving.

Wallpaper also improved a lot, nowadays velvet, washable, woven, fabric, embossed and customized (personalized) wallpapers are available.

Now, the problem with the homeowners is, what to choose for their internal walls which suits them best.

Wallpaper and Paint both have their pros and cons. Which depends on your wall’s condition and budget.

Here, we will explain to you what are the options, patterns available with advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional flower pattern wallpaper design ivory color


The easiest and quickest way to decorate your walls by using wallpaper.


There are a lot of varieties of finishes available for wallpaper like Normal paper, vinyl finish, velvet finish, woven, non-woven, fabric, embossed, etc.

All these varieties have different touch & feel on the surface, which you can select as per your needs because not all come with a washable surface.

You can design your personalized wallpaper also to go with your house theme, office type, restaurant or cafe design.


Large varieties of patterns available to go with like geometrical designs, plain, curvature designs, random designs, arts, royal designs, stone patterns, brick patterns, natural design, etc.

Some of the same designs can be available with different color tones and shades also.


Before installation, your wall should be in good condition, where shouldn’t be seepage or excessive moisture problem.

Wall required an even surface and wall surface should be painted with oil primer, not the water primer.

Up to 100 sq.ft of wall covering takes less than 2-3 hours, which is way faster than traditional painting work.


Wallpaper comes in a roll, which is of 50-60 sq.ft but it only covers less than that because of wastages.

Cost – Per wall Rs.5000 to Rs.25000 (up to 100 sq.ft)


– It lasts for years like easily 10-15 years. For which your wall should be in dry/good condition without and leakage or seepage issues.

When you decide to have a wallpaper, it will be costly for you compared to paint initially, but if you look further for long term solution then it is cheaper compared to paint.


– If your wall condition is not good then wallpaper will peel off from the wall after the period and it will not look good at all.

If your wallpaper is not washable then you have to take care of it from stains.

Scratches can’t be removed from the wallpaper and you can not touch up it like paint. You have to change the entire wallpaper roll.

For home, you will not be interested to paste wallpapers in the entire house, you will choose on particular walls only, right?. We will also not suggest going for an entire house.

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Wall painting texture design orange yellow color


The cheapest solution for the walls to add colors.


In-wall painting, there are so many options like Distemper, luster, velvet, plastic paint, Zinc paint, metallic paint, ant-dust, anti-bacterial, etc.


If we talk about patterns then, you can design the patterns using customized stencils or ready-made stencils available in the market or you can use the brushes and rollers also to create a unique texture on a wall.


Installation is time taking process compared to wallpaper, the time duration also depends on your wall condition that how much it required the finishing to apply paint. The painting process starts from scrapping walls, smoothing walls, wall putty application, again smoothing the walls, 2 coat of primer and then 2 coats of paint.


Cost depends on the type of paint you choose for a wall.

Check per square foot rates CLICK HERE >>


You can touch up the stains or scratches easily and you can also add more design over it with the help of stencils to highlight the walls with different paint, which is not possible with the wallpaper.


Painting takes time for finishing with messy work and paints smells and fumes might be not good for kid’s health.

Painting usually is done at the end, so your existing pieces of stuff like furniture, art effect or flooring may get ruined because of paints if not taken care of.

Painting needs a touch-up or re-painting after every three-four years if your wall condition is good, if your wall has leakage issues then you have to fix it first and then have to plan for a permanent solution like tiles, or else paint will get damaged within few weeks.

In India, we have different weather conditions throughout the year in every state and also the local water supply, type of brick, and river/sea sand also make a difference on a wall.