Wallpapers are the easiest way to decorating your interior walls with different types of texture, colors, and patterns available in the vast varieties to choose from.

Let’s discover basic things…

How is the wallpaper installation charged?

Wallpapers are charged on per square feet basis, but there is a minimum amount which you has to pay for the roll.

Here, roll means a single bundle of the design which you choose to have on your wall. This roll comes in specific size which is 56 square feet approx and it covers 47-48 square feet with plain design and 40-42 square feet with pattern design (e.g flower) of your wall area including wastages.

A company doesn’t give the wallpaper in a cut piece like for 20-25 square feet of application, you have to buy at lease single roll of wallpaper.

The single roll cost you around Rs.5500/- (with material & installation charges) and goes up to Rs.10-15k depends on the type of wallpaper and design you choose.

What if I required only one and a half roll of wallpaper?

Let’s say your wall area is 70 square feet and you chose a plain design for your wall where single roll covers only 48 square feet, then you will not get 22 square feet another cut piece of that wallpaper, you have to buy another roll.

Means, If one roll cost you Rs.5500/- then you will have to pay another 5500 for the second roll.

What is the minimum requirement to install wallpaper?

There are no major requirements to install wallpaper on your desired interior wall.

Make sure your wall ready with a smooth surface is done with lambi, putty and oil primer. There are two types of primer which are oil primer and water primer, water primer will not work for sticking wallpapers because it will peel off after some time.

Even if you want to install wallpaper on your plywood partition then it will also require applying oil primer.

Oil primer is the must!

That’s it, and you are ready to install wallpaper.

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When should I order wallpaper during a renovation?

This is the point where most of the homeowners make a mistake.

During the renovation, don’t be in hurry to install wallpaper, it is a finishing item and should only be installed after all the work done at your sites like furniture and painting etc. Because if you install wallpaper during renovation then there is a chance of scratches or spreading paint drops on the surface of wallpaper and edges. And it will be difficult to remove stains and rearrange new wallpaper with the same pattern.

Can I order the customized design for my wallpaper?

Yes, you can order totally customized design for wallpaper you’re required.

But you have to give the design or photo in high-resolution (HD) form with an appropriate file extension. It takes a week time for delivery and 85% advance payment to proceed the order.

How much time does it take to install wallpaper on the wall?

Very quick,
For 100 square feet wall, wallpaper installation just takes 2-3 hours.