Wallpapers are in demand these days, you can see it at every different interior locations like factories, shops, hospitals, hotels, colleges, offices, exhibition stalls, bathroom etc.

In short, you can use it anywhere in any interior spaces. That’s why it is an important element in interior decor.

As a customer, you need to know the few things before installing wallpaper.

1. Keep in mind that the particular wall on which you decide to have wallpaper, that should be completely smooth and clean, because the more surface will be straight and smooth it will give a more superior look on a wall.

2. There shouldn’t be waves and crack on the surface, if so then don’t paste wallpaper because it will also get cracked in the future because of the wall condition.

3. There shouldn’t be seepage or paint peel off (papdi) problem on a wall. It should get repaired otherwise wallpaper also peel off from a wall and it cannot be pasted again.

4. If you have constructed a new wall then it should get painted with oil primer, not with water primer. Without primer on a wall, the adhesive of wallpaper will get absorbed by the brick wall and it will leave from a wall after some time. And without the primer, you will need to apply more adhesive on a wall. (which is not a good deal for contractors)

5. You can stick wallpaper on a brick wall, gypsum partition, plywood partition & false ceiling but make sure it is sturdy otherwise wallpaper may tear off.

6. Make sure that the wallpaper installer guy uses a reputed company’s glue so that it can add more durability to wallpaper and also make sure he applies glue at each and every corner with the same amount of glue especially on joints.

7. When the wallpaper is installed on walls, you may see the visible joints, because that is just installed and glue is wet. After sometime when it gets dry joints can’t be visible easily.

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