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Painting would be the most important thing while renovating a home.

Most of the home owners gets confused that which paint to choose when living in a rental home.


General Tips :

1. Plastic paint should be used when you are living in a rental house and just need it for one year or so. It will save your money.

2. Distemper is no longer used nowadays so better go for plastic paint as it would last more than distemper would.

If you are searching for a painter for work and got one who quotes lowest price possible, I believe you would go for him when you just need it for one year in a rental home, right?

There’s something you should be known first of all, that if you have asked him for plastic paint to be done, he would be mixing SECOND quality of plastic paint and distemper together and apply it on surfaces.

You as a customer would not even know what he is using.


Let’s see the qualities now,

FIRST quality of plastic paint would be emulsion paint or plastic emulsion (cost around Rs.2500 to Rs.2700 for 10 liters).

SECOND quality of plastic paint would be tractor emulsion (cost around Rs.1100 to Rs.1200 for 10 liters).

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When you have seepage problem in home,

Rental Home Painting Seepage Tips

If you have a water seepage problem in your house and you ask Painter about what needs to be done,

He would say we can apply chemical or any other material available.

Trust me when I am saying, this do not get to it because there is really nothing painter can do about seepage. Waterproofing also doesn’t help.

Of course we are talking about a common man’s budget for painting; otherwise we can go for some options available now in market like injecting chemical and cement mixture to the affected area.

If painting needs to be done then go for LUSTER but can’t be told till when it would hold.


What we suggest:-

Better not to apply any costly chemical on seepage area, we would suggest to remove old plaster and apply new plaster with tiles.


For exterior paint:-

Let’s say you have a bungalow and want to paint its exterior, go for Apex and not for Distemper.

We would say as Apex have longer and better life as compared to distemper when it comes in contact with water (rainy season). Now Apex would be slightly costlier than distemper but it would be the best option for you.