If you are making your kitchen renovation for the first time then this post will help you to save money and aware you of being cheated.

As typical human being mind works, they seek for the best at the cheapest price.

But this practice should not be performed if you are spending lakhs of rupees on your home renovation.

Kitchen, an undivided part of the house. A home can be without the bedroom but can not be without the kitchen.

At the time of renovation, homeowners call the different contractors or labor worker to get an estimate for their work, which is the right practice before your start any work to know what is the rates in the market.

Of course, after comparing cost with every contractor as per your requirement you should make the final decision, that whom to give the work.


Here, most of the homeowners make a mistake.

They only compare the price with each contractor BUT not the quality and deliverables at that particular price.

Which may lead to being cheated by not knowing the details in that price.

Here is the example,

Let’s say, You have a kitchen platform of 10 feet long.

for making a kitchen below platform storage shutters in carpentry furniture, you got the quote from three different contractors.

The first contractor has given you Rs.400/- per sq.ft labor rate
Second, given you Rs.350/- per sq.ft labor rate
Third, given you Rs.250/- per sq.ft labor rate

And, as a homeowner, you finalized the third contractor because of the low rate compared to another two.

You assume that you have done a good job and saved the money.

But, when you start the work and at the end work completed. The contractor gives you the measurements of the kitchen calculated by him in front of you.

See how…

Generally, kitchen platform square feet measurements calculated length of the kitchen and height of the kitchen. Now both sizes are multiplied by each number and you get the total square feet, for which you have to pay to the contractor.

Correct Kitchen Measurements Tips

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10′.0″ feet lenght x 2′.5″ feet height = 25 sq.ft

If you multiply total square with the labor rate per sq.ft then you will need to pay
25 x 250 = Rs.6,250/-


How some contractor cheats you,

They calculate the kitchen platform length, height and multiply with the depth of the kitchen which is 2 feet standard.

Incorrect Kitchen Measurements Tips

10′.0″ feet lenght x 2′.5″ feet height = 25 sq.ft x 2 feet depth = 50 sq.ft area.

If you multiply total square with the labor rate per sq.ft then you will need to pay
50 x 250 = Rs.12,500/-

Which is NOT the practice of measuring the square feet.

This way you not only lose the money but also get the cheap quality of work because the contractor’s intention is not to deliver you the quality, he only wants to make the profit and take advantage of not your lack of information.

So, here we are requesting to the homeowners to take the detailed information and breakup of the work from the contractor to compare the rates.

This way you can check what other contractor is providing you in that rate what others not.

Also, ask them how they have calculated measurements and quoted the rate.

This is only the one work item of the house, there are many others. If you are renovating your complete house then you may lose a huge amount of money of you make such mistakes.

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