Black granite kitchen platform rates with material and labour mumbai

Kitchen Platform

Kitchen countertop draws your attention when you enter in kitchen. There is various material which you can choose for kitchen countertop, for e.g Black granite, red granite, green marble, kadappa, and Corian. You can save money by using spotted marble in vertical of the kitchen, which is not visible after shutters fitted. We recommend to use Black Granite strength wise and it looks good and gel with any wall tiles, drawers & shutters.


Granite Kitchen Platform

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Green Marble Platform

Nano White (G5) Kitchen Platform

Quartz Kitchen Platform


  • Above mentioned rates are per Rft (Running feet)

  • Material rates includes sand, cement, labour & platform material (e.g. Marble/Granite)

  • Black Granite price starts from Rs.200/- per square feet (SFT)

  • Cost may subject to change as per work condition and location.

Kitchen Platform Making Price

Description 6 Running Feet 8 Running Feet 12 Running Feet
Black Granite Platform – Rs.200/- per sq. ft. Rs.17,700 Rs.23,600 Rs.35,400
Nano White Marble Platform (G5) – Rs.550/- per sq. ft. Rs.27,000 Rs.36,000 Rs.54,000
Quartz Platform – Rs.300/- per sq. ft. Rs.19,500 Rs.26,000 Rs.39,000

Note: Existing platform breaking, tiles work, sink, plumbing work not included.