1. How to choose laminate for kitchen platform below shutters?
Ans: There are 3-4 material to choose from for your kitchen doors/shutters, but laminate is the best option for Indian kitchen.

Reason being : Laminate is maintenance free product which is easy to clean and maintain and of course durable, it lasts for 10-15 years or even more. Keep in mind kitchen countertop color while choosing laminate for kitchen shutters. Use plain color high gloss laminates for your below platform shutters, rather than choosing textured/figured laminate which will give your kitchen sleek look and brighten your kitchen.

2. Disadvantages of using textured/figured laminates ?
Ans: Kitchen is place of cooking Masaledar Khana, sizzling Tadkas and boiling milk, since it is related to food, it directly connects to whole family’s health.
Here if your kitchen is facing a open road, then chances of dust and dirt entering is very high, so in order to keep it clean and hygienic, plain colored laminates should be used as textured laminates might be a little difficult to clean.

3. What if you want to use only textured laminate?
Ans: Every problem has a solution!
You can ask the vendor to give alternate options for e.g. without texture plain laminate with patterned texture on it. There are multiple company’s laminates available in market who makes veneer & wooden patterns plain laminates for easy maintenance.

4. How to choose kitchen overhead shutter laminates ?
Ans: Use white color high gloss laminate for kitchen overhead storage to cut down the heavy look, especially if your kitchen area is small. Dark colors on overhead storage feels heavy while working in the kitchen. You can also choose glass profile shutter to show your crockery items and if you don’t want to show then you can choose glass film or designer pattern. Glass helps to maximize your kitchen space.

5. Vertical Grains or Horizontal Grains, how to apply on shutters?
Ans: Interior design is a trick, which gives an illusion of more space. Use horizontal grain laminate on kitchen shutters, which will add more length in your kitchen than it’s original size. Avoid vertical grain laminate.

6. How many color you should use for kitchen laminate ?
Ans: Color choices depends on individual taste and other materials that are already used in your kitchen i.e. Kitchen Countertop, Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles & Ceiling etc. We recommend to use only two colors for kitchen shutters, because using more than two colors makes it look unorganized and clustery, While working on kitchen it should feel leisure.

7. How to choose handles for kitchen shutters ?
Ans: Use self attested profile shutter, where handle is attached with aluminum profile fitting which known as G-Section, Pull Grip Profile etc. You can use that for plain glass, back painted glass, laminate, acrylic & PU finish. Nowadays there is push button (without handle) mechanism also available for kitchen drawers, which requires only a soft push in the center of the shutter and it comes out automatically and if you push back, it shut down smoothly.

8. How to hide water purifier in kitchen ?
Ans: Make arrangement of water purifier above the kitchen sink with glass or laminate shutters with aluminum profile and remove base part of cabinet, so it can be easily accessible for maintenance and also hidden.

Please find below some kitchen color combinations:-

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