Are you planning to give your interiors a facelift?

Be it your living room or kitchen, redesigning your interiors can instantly add new life. Whether a complete remodel or just switching a few things up, your home furnishing style needs to complement your identity.

To help you pick an appropriate interior décor style, here are some traditional and modern furnishing design options you can browse through.

Traditional Home Furnishing

Traditional home decor furnishing

For an old-world charm to your interiors, try traditional décor furnishing. The style includes classy wooden furniture like rocking chairs, large dining tables, side desks, centre tables and beds. You can opt for Mahogany or Indian rosewood for added elegance.

Dark brown, black, deep red and cream are popular options here. The fabrics can include stripes, plaids or classic patterns.

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Royal Interior Décor

Royal Interior Decor

Transform your space to look like royalty with some intricate designs and vibrant colours. This perfect blend of art, heritage and tradition will make your home stand apart. At Drape Story, there are plenty of colourful fabrics to check out!

This style can involve classic Indian paintings, sculptures and trinkets to decorate walls or cabinets. The upholstery will have bright colours like red, yellow, gold, and orange. Hand block-printed, or Kalamkari fabric can cover the sofas, beds and divans.

Minimalist Home Furnishing

Minimalist Home Furnishing

Minimalist furnishing gives your space an aesthetic and clutter-free look that soothes the eyes. Instead of vibrant designs, this décor is simple with fewer patterns. Other important features include –

• A neutral colour scheme comprising white, black, cream, light brown and grey
• Modular furniture that also offers sufficient storage
• Compact furniture design makes the interiors airy and spacious

The fabrics are plain and give out an earthen appearance.

Bohemian Décor Style

Bohemian Décor Style

If you prefer a carefree and fun appearance for your home, a bohemian décor is the way to go. It’ll be a mix of artsy patterns, vibrant colours, and innovative designs. Check out the Indie printed curtains at Drape Story for some fresh ideas.

Low-height sofas, beds, and rustic centre tables are great furniture options. Wind chimes, handling lights, lanterns and home-grown sculptures make for excellent complementary decor.

Parting Thoughts

You can experiment with these home furnishing styles till you find the one that suits you the best.

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The home furnishing online platform also comes with interior designing and furnishing services to turn your dreams into reality.