Cushion covers are synonymous with one’s personal expression of style. They are an easy and cost-effective way to refresh the look and feel of any space. With their versatility and ability to add texture and personality, stylish cushion covers can truly transform a room. In this article, we will explore ten inspiring cushion cover designs that will help you elevate your interior decor and create a stylish and inviting atmosphere.

1. Geometric Patterns

Yellow and Black Color Geometric Patterns Cushion

Geometric cushion cover patterns make for a timeless choice that adds a contemporary touch to any space. Opt for bold and vibrant geometric designs on your cushion covers to make a statement. Whether it’s striking chevron stripes, intricate tessellations or eye-catching hexagons, geometric patterns bring a sense of structure and modernity to your seating arrangements.

2. Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau green floral embroidery cushion cover

Art Nouveau is known for its emphasis on organic forms, flowing lines and nature-inspired motifs. It is characteristic of delicate floral embroidery, sinuous vines, and graceful curves reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style. These cushion covers will bring a sense of artistic beauty and a nod to the past, infusing your seating area with a timeless charm and a touch of refined luxury.

3. Ethnic and Damask

Ethnic damask cushion cover

Ethnic and Damask-inspired cushion covers bring cultural richness and intricate patterns to your space. Ethnic designs showcase vibrant colours and symbolic motifs, while Damask covers feature opulent floral or geometric patterns. These captivating additions reflect diverse traditions, celebrate craftsmanship and add a touch of global flair to your seating area.

4. Moroccan Dreams

Moroccan Cushion Cover

Transport yourself to the exotic charm of Morocco with cushion covers inspired. These covers feature vibrant colours, intricate patterns and geometric motifs that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Morocco. From mesmerising tile-inspired designs to ornate arabesque patterns, Moroccan Dreams cushion covers bring a touch of bohemian elegance and a sense of wanderlust to your seating area.

5. Boho & Bloom

Boho & bloom style cushion cover

Elevate your space with the Boho & Bloom style of cushion covers. Embracing a free-spirited bohemian vibe, these covers combine vibrant colours, eclectic patterns and blooming floral designs. With a touch of whimsy and a nod to nature, these cushion covers infuse your seating area with a lively and inviting atmosphere, creating a harmonious blend of bohemian charm and blooming beauty.

6. Utsav

Utsav style cushion covers

Immerse your space in the vibrant festivities of Utsav with cushion covers inspired by this lively celebration. Utsav-style cushion covers feature a burst of bold colours, intricate patterns and energetic designs. With their lively and joyful aesthetic, these cushion covers bring a celebratory atmosphere to your seating area, infusing it with the spirit of festivities and creating a vibrant and inviting ambience.

7. Texture

Cushion covers made from textured fabrics

Cushion covers made from textured fabrics instantly add depth and visual interest to your seating area. Consider materials like velvet, faux fur or knitted fabrics to create a tactile and cosy feel. Textured cushions add a layer of sophistication and comfort to your space, making it more inviting and luxurious.

8. Timeless

Timeless cushion covers

Indulge in the timeless elegance of cushion covers with a classic and sophisticated style. Timeless cushion covers exude refined beauty with their understated designs, neutral tones and luxurious textures. Whether it’s soft velvet, subtle jacquard pattern or graceful damask print, these cushion covers add a touch of timeless charm and sophistication to your seating area, creating an atmosphere of enduring elegance and enduring appeal.

9. Coral

Cushion covers in the Coral style

Add a vibrant pop of colour to your seating area with cushion covers in the Coral style. These covers feature shades of coral, ranging from soft pastels to vivid oranges. The Coral style brings a fresh and energetic vibe, reminiscent of tropical reefs and sunsets. Whether it’s solid coral hues or coral-inspired patterns, these cushion covers infuse your space with warmth, vibrancy and a touch of coastal charm.

10. Woven Lines

Woven Lines style cushion covers

Embrace the understated beauty of the Woven Lines style with cushion covers that showcase intricate weaving patterns. These cushion covers feature delicate lines and textures created through expert craftsmanship. With their clean and minimalist aesthetic, these covers add a touch of sophistication and visual interest to your seating area. The artful interplay of woven lines creates a sense of movement and adds a modern, yet timeless, touch to your space.

The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Space!

Stylish cushion cover designs have the power to transform your space and elevate your interior decor. From bold geometric patterns to nature-inspired prints, textured fabrics to metallic accents, abstract art to tribal and ethnic motifs, there are countless options to suit your style and preferences. By selecting the right cushion covers, you can infuse your seating area with personality, colour and texture, creating a stylish and inviting atmosphere. So, embrace these ideas, experiment with different designs and watch as your space comes to life with the simple addition of stylish cushion covers.


1. Why should I buy cushion covers online?
The range of cushion covers available online is extensive. It gives you the scope to select from a range of colours, designs and textures. What’s best is that online covers often come with the option of customisation.

2. Why should I care about cushion designs?
Cushion designs are very personal, both to the buyer and the house where it finds expression. Cushion cover designs have the power to transform your space and elevate your interior decor.

3. What materials are cushion covers made of?
Cushion covers are made of various materials such as cotton, linen, velvet, polyester, silk, faux fur, wool and synthetic blends. Each material offers unique qualities, from softness and breathability to durability and luxury, allowing you to select covers that suit your desired comfort level and aesthetic preference.

4. Which size cushion covers are most popular?
The most popular sizes for cushion covers are typically square-shaped, ranging from 18×18 inches (45×45 cm) to 20×20 inches (50×50 cm). These sizes are versatile and widely available, fitting standard-sized cushions and providing a balanced and aesthetically pleasing look.