The quickest and easiest way to jazz up any space is with statement furniture. But getting fancy statement furniture pieces from the store can often be heavy on the pocket. So, what’s an alternative? Upholstery fabric!

Knowing how to incorporate just the right pop of colour and pattern in your room can make a huge difference. This guide explores three upholstery fabric trends that can instantly liven up your monotonous room.

Upholstery Fabrics Trends to Lookout For

Playing around with colours, textures and fabrics in your living room area will transform the way you feel in your house. But if you are confused about which upholstery fabric for sofa will satisfy those aesthetic senses, check out these three trends.

Experience Luxury with Velvet

Velvet has gained a lot of popularity recently, and for good reason. This gorgeous, textured fabric is a dream come true for people who want to spice up their living rooms. The fabric comes in colours like striking red, gold and navy blue.

Three seater blue sofa with golden legs

But don’t worry, if you do not want to take that big a risk; you can also select deep greens and black. It is a rich-to-feel fabric, particularly popular for upholstering armchairs and couches. Add a printed silk pillow to the mix, and your room is ready to sparkle.

Checkered Print

If you want a simple yet elegant upholstery fabric for sofa, then checks can be your best friend. Many of us do not vibe with fabric texture or are hyperaware of it. Checkered prints are perfect for a sofa as they have no texture and often come in various colours. It is the safest choice to add a dash of colour to your living room and elevate your home.

Navy blue sofa with wooden legs

Additionally, you can add a solid colour to make it all come together without effort.

Geometric Print

Do you dislike materials that are too “in your face” but also don’t want subtly? Geometric print material may be the perfect fit for you. Balancing the boldness of velvet and the subtly of the checkered print, the geometric pattern might just be the friend your couch needs.

Deep green printed single couch

The fabric has a texture that you can feel but balances colour so your living room does not look too out there. You can choose gorgeous colour combinations and prints, allowing you to continue that mix of colour throughout the room with small trinkets.

Wrapping Up

When tossing up your mundane, throwing in some colour and texture with upholstery fabric can transform your home.

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