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Best Vastu advice for your Home, Office, Shop, Factory, Bungalow, Restaurant, Plot & more…

Vastu Advice For

01. Home

Home does not feel like a home unless you find peace, when you come home from your work.
Why does someone enjoy positive energy at some place and somewhere not, even if it is a well planned interior.

02. Office

Are you the one? who work hard day and night but don’t get the success as competitors get.
If work space is well planned and managed, it helps the organization to grow and be productive.

03. Shop

Which direction is the best for the cash counter?
As per your business, which direction will be profitable for you?

04. Factory

Planning a factory would need to set up machinery, stocks, staff cabins, entry, exit gate etc.
What if, vastu helps you to set up each position to grow your business?

05. Farm House

People make a farmhouse to take rest on weekends, once in a year or for their retirement.
But what if you can’t find that peace in those days?

06. Restaurant

Which direction is best to run a family restaurant & bar?
If you know the solution, you will don’t need to shut down the shutter.

07. Bungalow

“Ek Bangla Bane Nyara”
Is the Dream of all of us. But only a few can fulfill their dreams.

08. Resort/Hotel

Where should be the fountain, swimming pool and water slides should be placed?

09. Plot/Land

As per your horoscope and business, how to design your house or apartment?

We have helped more than 1500 families to make their lives happy.
We suggest VASTU planning as per your business and profession which suits you best.

Happy Families


We had taken vaastu consultation for our newly bought flat. We were about to get possession of the house, before planning the interior we thought of making it as per vaastu compliant. Now it’s been a year, we feel energy in the house and have made a lot of progress.

Vijay Kotak, Mumbai

My health was not well for many years and we were going through a financial crisis. Our earning was good but not able to save it, because all was going into medicines and all. Then we consulted CivilLane for our home Vaastu. Their remedies and little changes in the house, made our life better. Slowly I can see the improvement in my health and career.

Meetesh Shah, Dubai

Recently, We spent lakhs of rupees on a restaurant interior located in a prime area. But we did not get the business as expected. Me and my partner then decided to now make it as per vastu. Pandit ji came and suggested directions of the cash counter, kitchen and seating arrangements. Which we had planned wrong as per vastu. We have spent more money to change the interior, but we can see the results. Thank you CivilLane.

Ranjith Kumar, Mumbai

My company makes chocolates and sugar candy, factory is located at Indore, MP. We were doing good but not making progress as needed. Then one of our clients suggested about CivilLane to invite them to inspect the factory’s vastu. Hats off to CivilLane for their tremendous knowledge. Our main entry and material dispatch gate was in the wrong direction and we were keeping raw materials at the wrong place. By changing this direction and place we have seen progress in my company.

Sanjay Singh, Indore

I did not believe in vastu till now, but sometimes when you are giving your 100% and not going anywhere, you raise questions in mind. My mom called CivilLane for my newly started office. There is a loft in my office, my cabin was under the loft and the staff was seated in the loft area. They suggested that I should  sit in the loft area, because staff seating above your head is not good. Now with minimum effort I am getting better results. Planning to expand my business. Thank you mom and CivilLane.

Dharmesh Patel, Surat

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Vastu Consultation for Office, Shop, Factory, Farm House, Restaurant, Bungalow, Resort, Hotel & Plot kindly call on 91720 73720

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