Hire CivilLane PRO Interior Designer @ Rs.3000/-*

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Why CivilLane Pro Interior Designer?

If you are renovating your house by own or from contractor then you might be get confused with number of things
like choosing right materials, color scheme, reasonable rate and quality check during the work.

At CivilLane, we help you with all things needed to complete your dream home interiors.
Whether it is to accompany you to your nearest material shop, guiding your contractor, quality check etc.

YOU can hire for single visit at only Rs.3000/- + gst. OR for a month at discount price of 10K*

Interior Designer Material Selection

Help you with the selection of Materials

Supervision of the site during running project.

Site Supervision Service For Interiors
Interior consultation on video call

Gives consultation for your queries, right or wrong.



1.Why do we need to hire CivilLane PRO interior designer?

Ans:  If you are renovating your Home/Office by own or from local contractor and stuck with the decision making for Design, Planning and Material selection process, then our expert interior designer can help you to with that. Without hiring an expensive interior designer on percentage basis, we provide you an affordable service.

2. What if I have already hired a contractor?

Ans: You can hire us too, we guide your contractor for their queries, (so they won’t ask you how and what to do next) and supervise the work, before it goes wrong.

3. I don’t need for a month, can I hire you for a single visit?

Ans: Sure, you can hire us when only required, single visit fees Rs.3000/- + gst (call us +91-9172073720)

4. Is this your service available everywhere?

Ans: Currently, Mumbai & Pune city only.

5. How many times you visit in your above mentioned package, Rs.10k?

Ans: We visit once in a week and only four times in one month. We schedule a visit as per your project requirement, like for material selection, supervision, consultation etc.