Bathroom renovation costs in Mumbai can vary widely depending on several factors, including the scope of the project, the quality of materials used, and the choice of fixtures and fittings. Mumbai, being a bustling metropolitan city, experiences a diverse range of construction and renovation costs.

Everyone wants to give WOW! feeling to their bathrooms, because that is the smallest space in the house, which must be look spacious and attractive.

Let it be Economical or Luxury bathroom, the cost of concealed plumbing is almost same. The cost varies for the finished items like Tiles, Italian Marble, Shower, Taps, WC & Wash Basin.

Bathroom renovation cost depends on your requirements like, tiles replacement, fittings replacement, waterproofing coat, bathroom extension etc.

Let’s assume that your bathroom size is 7’x 4’x 7′ feet (Standard Size):-

Standard Attached Correct Bathroom Placement 7x4

Complete Bathroom Renovation Includes:-

1. Breaking Existing Wall & Floor Tiles – 160 Sq. ft.
2. Removing Existing Plumbing Pipes & Bath Fittings
2. Waterproofing Coat – Sunanda / Dr. Fixit
3. New Plaster – 160 Sq. ft.
4. New Concealed CPVC Plumbing Installation – Astral Pipes
5. Wall & Floor Tiles Installation – 160 Sq. ft.
6. CP & Sanitary Fittings Installation – Indian Brand 
7. Louvered Window – Standard Size
8. Bathroom Fiber Door – Standard Size
9. Necessary Electrical Light Points
10. Door & Window Black Granite Framing
11. Debris removal from the site.

Total Cost – Rs.1,60,000/-* (Rupees One Lakh Sixty Thousand)

(Bathroom Fittings – WC, Wash Basin, Flush Tank, Toilet Jet Spray, Shower Head, Diverter, Spout, Taps)

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Bathroom Concealed Cistern

Note:- Above costs includes all material & labor charges. Location and work conditions will affect the rate. (Applicable in Mumbai only)

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