Hey urban dweller, if your tiny apartment balcony feels more like a curse than an amenity, listen up.

In many cities, even a modest terrace is considered a luxury. So what if yours is a small, blank, concrete slab with not-so-great views. With a little creative thinking, you can transform your bitsy balcony into an irresistible summer retreat.

The balcony is easily one of the most refreshing areas of an Indian home. Be it a winter afternoon, a summer morning or a rainy evening, it never fails to present the perfect place to relax with the family, spend some time with nature or just enjoy your own company.

Good balcony design is essential for making the most of your balcony. You can utilize the space in multiple ways if you design it right, and here is where the role of interior architects comes into play. By creating a perfect blend of style and relaxation with furniture, plants and décor accessories, it’s easy to design a balcony that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Balcony with Patterned Rugs and Plush Cushions

If you want your balcony to feel as luxurious as an indoor room, pile on the textiles. Layering cushy elements made of outdoor fabrics, like patterned rugs and plush cushions will make your balcony super comfortable. This outdoor space uses a mix of bold patterns and textures to create a tiny bohemian paradise.

For the most bang for your bucks, look for pieces that add function and beauty. For example, a mosquito net canopy is a protective element that also looks lovely.

Don’t have enough room for plush outdoor furniture?

You can create customized comfy seating using cushions made of weather-resistant fabrics. Outdoor seats and chaise pads are available in a wide range of sizes. Look for options with removable covers that are also machine washable. That way you can create an eclectic look using a mix of patterns and colors in easy to clean fabrics.

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Who does not like a garden? You need not live on the ground floor to have a garden. You can design your terrace or balcony to look like one. There are several balcony garden ideas that one can use to convert the area into an oasis. Using artificial grass on the floor, vertical gardens on the wall or even potted plants can all enhance the green quotient of your open space.

Just because you have a brown thumb, doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful balcony garden. This one was created using artificial plants and flowers.

These days plastic plants look pretty darn realistic. Many faux options like tall grass, potted trees, and ivy railing screens will green up your outdoor décor while boosting balcony privacy.

Having greenery in your balcony is a great idea, especially considering the high level of pollution and the poor air quality that currently prevails in most Indian cities. However, pots do take up too much floor space and require frequent cleaning and maintenance of floors after watering the plants. Vertical gardens are a trend these days. They look beautiful, occupy less space, and even help to save the quantity of water used for the plants.

You can hide an unattractive balcony floor using interlocking deck tiles. It’s a rental-friendly flooring solution that’s easy to install and a cinch to disassemble.

What’s soft and green all over? Fake grass. It’s an excellent weather-resistant flooring solution for outdoor space. Give your balcony concrete floor a makeover using premium artificial turf. It’s much softer underfoot than the cheap stuff. After placing the faux grass on the floor, add beach stones to seal the gap between the turf and railing.

How can you throw a dinner party for four on a narrow 100-square-foot balcony?

An outdoor countertop and weather resistant bar stools make dining alfresco on a skinny terrace possible.

The balcony grill can make a significant difference in the appearance of your balcony, besides providing security. They come in many variants. When you want your space to be fresh and airy but do not want to compromise on privacy, a grill is a perfect choice. You can adorn your balcony with furniture of your choice in the semi-covered areas, to protect it from the rain and sun, and enjoy the lovely balcony view when entertaining your friends or relaxing with your family.

When the space in your balcony is a restriction, arranging furniture might create too much visual constriction and make the area appear smaller than it is. In such cases, you can create narrow bench seating along the wall or grill, and save space, besides making every part of your balcony more accessible. You might want to avoid potted plants on the floor in the case of a small balcony and choose to use hanging pots instead.

When you have ample space at hand, the options of balcony designs increase manifold. Choosing the right one depends on your taste and needs. You can cover an area, or leave it open to the sky. You can have a terrace garden or use potted trees and plants, which you can move around to change the setting occasionally. You can even have a fountain installed and arrange your seating around it to create a great party space for the home.

You can make your balcony double as a spare room, by enclosing it with sliding glass doors or a grill. That way, you can leave the doors open and use it as a balcony or close the doors and use an appropriate temperature control system like an air cooler, air conditioner or heater to maintain the perfect conditions within the enclosed room.

Balcony Decor with Wooden Flooring and Flower Pots

Whether you like things simple, minimal or traditional, you can opt for a plain whitewashed balcony and adorn it with the colorful elements that stand out and make the area look bright. You could install a swing, if space permits, or add earthen pots, flowers, colorful cushions, and other accessories to make your balcony a cozy seating area for enjoying the weather when it’s pleasant.

Make sure the décor of your balcony matches the design style in your home. If rustic is your style, then use plenty of wood and wrought iron to design your balcony so that it appears closer to nature and adds calm and serenity to your day. You can also use filament bulbs, or antique lights to add authenticity to the rustic feel. Avoid using glass, and opt for sturdy railings that distribute the load effectively.