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2D means (two-dimensional), which is used to create geometric model on paper or software’s like AutoCAD, Google Sketchup, 3D Max etc.

In interior industry to create design of your flat, bungalow, offices & shops etc. 2D drawings are prepared as a technical/working drawing for execution purpose, while executing your site, dimensions are must for accurate work.

In start of the project home owners are very excited, they search for new trends and planning for their home. After collecting bunch of ideas and images, they directly start the work, and here the

home owners make a mistake!

Most of the home owners plan their home renovation without having proper planning about the budget, in conclusion what happens is that in middle of the project they make changes and are not sure what to do, and hence the project stops in between…

Not keeping a fixed budget can create problems like:

1. The project cost is too high than what was expected.
2. Home owners end up buying things that are not necessary which makes no room for useful and necessary items.

CivilLane Interior Design Services Online

In “2D Design service” our interior designer visit your site, inspect your home and understand your requirements according to your taste and style. Consult your queries. Designer suggest space planning ideas with do’s & don’t, according to your budget we suggest you materials like for e.g. Tiles, marbles, laminate, hardware, painting etc.

And most important – help you to divide budget.

In 2D design service we deliver all drawings you need for a good renovation. which includes floor plan, elevation, furniture layout, electrical plan, etc..

Benefits of availing 2D design service is :

1. Affordable price
2. Space Planning
3. Cost division
4. Material Suggestions
5. Free Phone Support