Another ‘Room’ converted into a ‘Home’ in Byculla, Mumbai.

Dozens of emails and calls flooded our offices. Homeowners from all over Mumbai and surrounding cities want their homes reinvented and renovated after a video of our work went viral on YouTube.

Mr. Solanki, one of our many clients, got a chance to turn his 1 RK apartment into a 1 BHK Home.

Followed by an free estimation and evaluation process for the approximate cost, material and layout design generated by our team of incredibly talented and efficient interior designers and decorators. Mr. Solanki decided to visit our office personally after he met our team and examined first hand the quality and dedication we have. He was convinced that out of the 6 interior decorating organizations he encountered, CivilLane was the best and satisfies all of his requirements and expectations.

Our team made a digital sample layout with multiple options that would fit his liking and budget at the same time, the design idea of the client’s choice to give an idea of how the work will transform Mr. Solanki’s 1RK.

Here at CivilLane, we focus on achieving the ultimate goal of client satisfaction and not client deception. We thrive to full fill the needs and wants of our clients to best of our abilities and look forward to sharing many more precious moments of making your dreams of a luxury lifestyle a reality.

The Project and The Process

Initial Layout & Proposed Layout Image were both presented to the client to visualize their dream come true.

Now, Mr.Solanki & family, clear with the ideas and suggestions with a design layout in front of them, can make a decision that will change their lives and lifestyle.

Our goal is to manage the space efficiently and effectively to meet all the client’s needs and keep the house as spacious as possible. The client has full control over the design plan and can make changes accordingly. Our team will help and cooperate with the client to the fullest and help them design their own home.

Alterations were made to the existing designing to convert the passage area into a space utilizing modular kitchen and bath while utilizing the existing kitchen space into a bedroom.

Space Saving Wall Mounted Folding Dining Table

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Space was well utilized with a folding wall mounted shoe rack concealed behind the door, a wall mounted dining table for a family of 4, a three seater sofa cum bed to avoid unnecessary space occupancy.

Sliding wardrobes in the bedroom and two-fold backlit door for the bathroom to make more living space.

PVC False Ceiling Design

Not only was space and comfort prioritized but the safety was well taken care of by our team. Waterproof, termite-proof and fire retardant PVC false ceiling with wood grains were used to avoid water seepage, or any other interior or exterior harm.

The client can choose from a large variety of designs for the premium quality wallpaper, stone & wooden patterns available.

And that is how Mr. Solanki made his dream of luxury living a reality.

Contact us today to turn your ‘Room’ into a ‘Home’. Live the luxury life and let CivilLane help you achieve the goal.

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