Designing small apartments is the trend.

Property rates are hiking day by day and for bigger families, it became more difficult to buy big space for living in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi & Bangalore.

We cannot control over property rates but we can definitely control on design & budget inside our home.

You may be had seen a home with lots of space, which is not arranged properly and you find it very cluttery and unorganized which hides precious space, where another side with a small apartment you’ll find it very spacious and well-utilized space. I hope you agree!

That is possible by planning proper design & space utilization of your home.

We have recently designed and done the interior of a 1 BHK apartment near Kalyan West, 607 sq.ft super built-up area. This was newly bought home by the client on loan and building was still under construction.

How we finalized the project?

We visited their home, inspected the area and understood the requirements & budget to be incorporated.

Budget plays an important role because every homeowner a certain amount in their mind to be spent on newly bought flat or for renovation, based on that they keep changing their mind.


Then we took measurements & photographs to prepare the design. Initially, we provided 2D Drawings with two options for entire apartment and after finalizing one plan with minor changes, we generated 3D drawings for photo-realistic images to view actual color combinations, which gonna be used for finish materials.

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Now client came to know the actual scenario of their home that how rooms will look after the interior is done, like Flooring, Modular Kitchen, Furniture, False ceiling, Bathrooms, Wall colors etc.

Alteration Done:-
1. Removed separate kitchen wall which gives open kitchen look
2. Availed space for common wash basin which not provided by the builder
3. Overhead tank and storage in the passage area

Space Utilization:-
1. Sofa cum bed in the living room
2. Folding Dining table in the kitchen
3. Overhead storage in kitchen and passage area
4. Sliding wardrobe in a bedroom
5. Shoe rack outside the safety door.

Design Tricks:-
1. Entire apartment designed with only three Colors, White, Ivory & Wooden Brown (Flooring, Furniture & Painting)
2. TV unit made with horizontal laminate and glass to increase the width of a wall
3. Installed sliding door with designer glass to divide living room & kitchen.
4. False ceiling designed to create a mood in the room with indirect lights.
5. Increased window width and height to let natural light come inside the room.

Many homeowners plan their home renovation without any proper planning, which leads to an unbalanced budget and undesired result. Here we recommend them to at least take 2D drawings which cost less than Smartphone mobile.

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