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There is a huge demand for budget homes in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi etc. The cost of land actually makes it difficult to make budget homes.

As a middle class family grows, somewhere YOU might think of buying a bigger place, but because of the hikes in property rates it would not be affordable. You might think of renovating the house to make adjustments to get some extra space and to make the home look elegant.

Generally, if you are living in a 1 RK home and want to convert it to 1BHK. In 90% cases the kitchen would be shifted to living room’s balcony and your kitchen would be converted into bedroom.

Similarly, we did a project for Mr. Shah, Mumbai that was converting 1 RK to 1BHK.

Let’s see the Floor Plan of his house,



As you can see living area was not properly utilized and the bathroom was made too congested, so Mr. Shah wanted the space to be worked out properly. As discussed and noted all the points he told us to look for, we suggested 2d designs to Mr. Shah and he did like the designs but was satisfied with the open kitchen concept we gave him.

He wanted the place to be elegant, spacious and also mentioned his budget to us according to which, we thought out of the box and managed the cost of different materials. We came up with some brilliant ideas for cost cutting and were able to fit things in budget, keeping in mind the looks. Then we suggested materials as per his budget, like you should go for vitrified tiles of 2×2 in all the rooms and helped him selecting the granite for kitchen counter top and gave some simple designs for false ceiling too, for making the rooms look more pleasing.

Here are the changes we made in our proposed design and explained him everything we did.

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Why we used sofa cum bed in bedroom and not any king size or queen size bed?
Why didn’t we kept the sink near hob?
Why to keep the wash basin outside the bathroom?
Why we kept the doors of wardrobe sliding and not openable?

Etc. were the questions he had so we resolved all the queries and started the renovation as per the design.


1. Lighting doesn’t always means having a tube light in the room. It means having structured lighting that illuminates space, such as bed-side table lamps, LED console lights etc.

2. Think about all the things you would want to do in a particular space.

3. Colors can add depth and space to any area. Go for soothing color scheme to give an illusion of extra space.

4. Over head storage should be compulsorily made in bedroom, Kitchen and passage for availing maximum storage capacity.

5. Maximize vertical space- Use your walls to store things by making wall mounted furniture’s.

6. To make bathroom look more spacious keep the basin outside bathroom.