Kitchen reflects your style!

Kitchen is the place where you spend most of your time, so it should look clean, spacious and convenient for use and of course easy to maintain. To give a rich feel to your kitchen, there are different types of outer finishes and hardware available in market. Which you can choose as per your budget and maintenance.

Let’s see available finishes,

1. Laminate Finish

Laminate Finish Modular Kitchen

Laminate is economical and rough and tough material for your kitchen cabinets & shutters. If your budget is low and you want to invest in long lasting material then laminate is the option for you. It has large variety of plain & textured patterns available in market with different companies like Merino, Greenlam, Century, Royal Touch, Signature etc.

In modular kitchen, laminate is hot pressed in machine to remove air and bubbles on shutters then edge banding is done at corners of cabinets with same color laminate to remove Sharpe corners, so there is no chance to chip off edges in long run.

You have two options to go with, one is High gloss finish and second is Matt finish.

2. PU Finish

PU Finish Modular Kitchen

PU (polyurethane) is acrylic based clear coating paint also called as lacquer finish. which is on a higher side than laminate, where 6 coatings of PU is done on thin sheet of matt white laminate in air packed room. You can choose any color on surface for your kitchen cabinets, it is weather resistance and also easy to maintain and clean.

3. Acrylic Finish

Acrylic Finish Modular Kitchen

Acrylic is man-made material in the form of thin sheet, which is applied on your marine ply shutter. Acrylic gives your kitchen extra glossy finish and its durable product. It is available in variety of plain & sparkling colors, which can easily last for 10 to 15 years.

4. Glass Finish

Backpainted Glass Finish Modular Kitchen

Glass adds luxury to your kitchen and makes it look neat and clean. Back painted glass is stuck on surface of marine ply shutters & it’s toughened so in-case glass breaks, it will not harm you. Painting is done on the back side of glass so there no chance of color fading in future. If it breaks than you can replace it easily.

Back painted glass finish costs you more as compared to other finishes.

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