Modular kitchen demand is increasing gradually, especially in newly bought homes, It gives easy accessibility, maximum storage in minimal space, modern look to your kitchen and there are many more advantages.

Modular kitchen is available for all standards homeowners from the minimal to luxurious.

In the market, you will find the vendors who sell modular kitchen from range 25,000/- to 7,50,000/- rupees & higher.

So where is the difference?

If we talk about the cost of Modular Kitchen, it depends on many aspects like,

Your kitchen platform size
Plywood you choose (MDF, Commercial Ply, Marine Ply)
Hardware fittings selection
A brand of the hardware
Finish material of the shutters and cabinets
Handles selection
Drawer / Basket accessories
Appliances requirement – Hob / Chimney
Fully or Semi-Modular kitchen
Transport location, etc

All the above things considered for Modular Kitchen making.

Before we continue, let me tell you first
how to get the quote from a vendor for your modular kitchen.

Step by step

1. Search best modular kitchen in your city or nearby (you can find on Google)
2. You will find the websites, ads and shop address for your search query, try to contact them via phone number and tell your requirements (e.g kitchen shape, your location)
3. If you get a satisfactory reply from them, then book an appointment with their kitchen designer for your site.
4. At the site visit, explain your kitchen requirements briefly, like your taste, your kitchen using style, modification required, the time limit for completion, etc.
5. After the visit, tell them to share design and estimate as per your requirements discussed.
6. Do this with minimum two and maximum of four vendors. More than four will confuse you for making the decision.
7. Once you get the quote, visit their showroom to experience the different finish es for the kitchen and accessories to explore.
8. Now finalize the design with them how it will look.
9. Ask them about the raw material and finish material they will use and brands of the hardware.
10. Discuss the practical design with your family members especially the lady of the home and freeze it.
11. If the design is finalized, now get the final quote for the work.
12. Once you agree with the quote, clear their terms and condition of payment, dispatch date, installation date, warranty period, service period, etc
13. Now you have to decide on one.


Most of the homeowners decide to do the modular kitchen only comparing the price with few vendors, but not based on the design, quality, service, and material they provide.

Design plays an important role in your kitchen, it’s not only about the colors but also about the work triangle of the kitchen which should be kept in mind while finalizing.

Let me tell you in short about the kitchen work triangle,
Work triangle means your Stove, Sink, and Fridge position in the kitchen, which should be kept on a particular distance, not so far or not so near. If you plan against the work triangle, in result you lose the work-ability and look of your kitchen.

The Modular Kitchen Cost

Modular kitchen cost depends on the material finish you choose for your kitchen, let’s go through it.

There are four finishes which you can use for your kitchen,
Laminate, Acrylic, PU and Back-painted Glass

Modular Kitchen Runwal Elegant Lokhandwala Andheri West White Color Laminate Finish

Laminate Finish

The basic, economical, rough and tough material for kitchen use.
The outer and inner finish of shutters and cabinets made with the laminate and edge banding done with the same color of PVC material. You can choose high gloss, Matt, and a super Matt finish with laminate.

There is a vast range of laminate brands available in the market from any of the sheet you can select for your kitchen and match with your rest of the house interior.

Merino brand is mostly used for the laminate finish modular kitchen.

Laminate shutter cost: Rs.700/- to Rs.900/- per sq.ft (Marine Ply BWP 710 & 1mm thickness)

Acrylic Modular Kitchen Design Grey White Color Kandivali East Mumbai (7)

2. Acrylic

Acrylic kitchen is done with two types, one with a ready-made sheet and second with customized color.

In ready-made acrylic sheet, you have to choose from the available catalog colors, which is ready to press on the plywood. You can not customize it.

In the second one, you can choose your own choice of color for kitchen shutters and cabinets, you can choose from Asian Paints color catalog.
In this process, color is done by the spray-on backside of the plain acrylic sheet. A little disadvantage of customized acrylic sheet is that you may get the color variation in some shades. Which you can only come to know after the installation because the shutters come with the paper protection on it.

Acrylic shutter cost: Rs.1000/- to Rs.1300/- per sq.ft (Marine Ply BWP 710 & 2mm Acrylic)

PU Finish Modular Kitchen

3. PU finish

It’s painting done on the plywood. Again a customized color solution for your kitchen.

If you want the smoother finish than laminate then PU is the best option for you. You can choose a plain or antique color on your kitchen shutters and if you want to give the molding or routing on shutters then finish can be done in the PU finish only.

PU shutter cost: Rs.900/- to Rs.1400/- per sq.ft

Backpainted Glass Finish Modular Kitchen

4. Back-painted Glass

If you love the glass then you would like your kitchen made by back-painted glass.

Back-painted glass means, the backside of the toughened glass painted with the color and pasted on plywood. The thickness of the glass kept 3mm to 4mm. It doesn’t break easily because of the plywood base, but you have to take care of the edges of shutter corners.

One little disadvantage of back-painted glass is that once your glass breaks, it doesn’t look good and you will need to change the complete shutter with glass and you may get the little color variation in the new one.

Back-painted glass shutter cost: Rs.1400 to Rs.1700/- per sq.ft (Marine Ply BWP 710 & 4mm Glass)

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Kitchen Baskets and Tandems:

There are two types of inner accessories you can plan for your modular kitchen.

1. SS- Baskets (Stainless Steel)
The baskets are made using steel wires of different grades and finish. Which is customizable, you can make as per your drawer size, thickness, and weight.

There are many grades for SS baskets from inferior to superior quality, but for the kitchen, we recommend to use 304 grade SS baskets which are rust-free.

The SS baskets now come with slim and sleek designs but it’s little difficult to clean and maintain because of the thin SS wires.

SS-basket cost – Rs.550/- to Rs.650/- per Kg.

Modular Kitchen Design Borivali Mumbai

2. Tandem Drawers
It is made using exclusive german fittings like Hettich and Hafele, which comes with inner accessories also.

The base of the drawer should be made by Plywood or backlit material. It’s an alternative option of SS-baskets, but expensive compared to steel baskets.

These tandem baskets are easy to access, maintain, clean adds a modern look to your kitchen.

Tandem drawers cost – Starts from Rs.2500/-* (per drawer)

Last but not least

Kitchen Handles selection


Handles are most important when you finalize your kitchen because your expensive drawers will operate by the handles itself. So it should be selected as per the design and operational view.

If you choose the wrong handles, then it spoils your kitchen look and you would not able to use it in the proper ways, like many times when you working in the kitchen the handles hurts you if they are mounted on the shutters or because of its sharp edges.

Aluminum profile handles are the best choice for the kitchen shutters, available in different customized sizes, color, and shape like G-section, J-section, etc

Profile handle cost: Rs.100 to Rs.200 Rft (running feet)

So, all the above things are considered at the time of Modular Kitchen cost calculation.

If you have any question then you can comment below, we will answer you.

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