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Here, we have given 10 tips and ideas to make better planning for your modular kitchen.

1. Drawer Internal Accessories

Have internal drawer accessories to use the space efficiently, it gives you clutter-free look & well-organized manner to access the utensils for daily uses.

Hettich Cutlery Tray Grey Color Kanakia Rainforest Andheri
Hettich Adjustable plate rack kitchen
Hafele Removable Cutley Tray White Color

These accessories are easy to maintain, remove and cleaning purpose.

Lots of various options available in terms of size and color and brands. Indian, German and Italian brands accessories available in the market.

These accessories are worth spending for a smart kitchen.

2. Corner Utilization

Is your kitchen corner wasting space?
We have an idea for you!

If you have L-shaped kitchen counter-top, then you must be thinking of how to utilize that corner space?

We are introducing an accessory called Magic Corner, which magically covers your space without having trouble to access it.

L-Shaped Kitchen Magic Corner

There are a variety of magic corner basket options available, but the above image you have seen is the affordable one.

You can see other options below:

Soft close magic corner carousel for kitchen cupboard India
L-shaped kitchen platform carousel Set chrome finish

3. Kitchen Overhead Storage

Overhead storage, the upper part of the kitchen platform.

When entering your kitchen the first thing you able to see is the overhead storage. Which should not look gaudy. Use of dark colors, wooden figures, and multiple colors adds heaviness to your kitchen.

Overhead storage should be a plain white in color, you can use laminate, or acrylic for that also. White color gives a spacious and neat look to your kitchen.

Backpainted Glass Kitchen Overhead Storage White

Using an aluminum profile glass shutters are also a good option for overhead storage because glass also cut down the heaviness and gives an illusion of more space in your kitchen.

Aluminium profile glass shutters kitchen mumbai

You can have semi-transparent or half frosted shutters to showcase your crockery items or to easily access the bottles and Dibba from the cabinet.

4. Pullout Trolleys

Replace the ordinary way of keeping masalas and oil bottles on an open rack.

Plan a vertical pullout trolley under the kitchen counter, which gives you 3 tier spice rack to keep your bottles from 5 inches to 12 inches height.

Masala Pullout SS Trolley

This spice rack allows you to access the oil and spice instantly while cooking and it installed near the hob/gas stove.

Another same pullout you can plan below the sink area for keeping detergent, liquids, soap, etc.

Kitchen detergent pullout below sink area

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5. Tall Unit

If your kitchen space allows then you must plan a tall unit near kitchen countertop to keep appliances.

We all have seen microwave oven placed above the refrigerator, on the kitchen platform, and on an open wall shelf, which is not the right way to use. Microwave oven or OTG should be at your eye level where you can see what’s cooking inside.

Kitchen tall unit otg microwave oven

If you don’t want to use appliances then you can install other accessories in the tall unit to store your additional things.

Hafele Tall Unit

6. Color choice for an entire kitchen

Selecting a color for kitchen shutters and cabinets is also important because the look matters.

While finalizing your modular kitchen don’t make a decision on the basis of display installed at the showrooms you visit. You should consider your kitchen countertop color and wall tiles and choose accordingly.

Kitchen Platform Remodel Cost Mumbai
Modular Kitchen Designs Goa (4)

We recommend
1. To use a maximum of two colors in the entire kitchen shutters and cabinets.
2. Where one color should be white and other dark or lighter shade color.
3. Avoid figured laminate on shutters

7. Don’t forget to have loft storage

A small kitchen needs to utilize each and every inch of storage space which is available, so you can not leave the loft space blank. You can utilize that space for storing big stuff and once in a while usage of utensils.

Kitchen Loft Storage Ideas

Because empty space above the overhead storage will take place of dust and dirt. So it’s better to have extra storage even if you don’t require, it maintains the look of the entire kitchen.

8. Exhaust Fan VS Chimney

Whether to install exhaust fan or chimney, most of the homeowners get confused.

Let us make it easy for you to decide.

1. If your cooking requirement is normal, like not making non-veg food regularly and your kitchen hob facing to window side then exhaust fan is enough for ventilation.

2. If you cook Non-veg food regularly and have a small kitchen then you will be required to have a chimney and especially the ducted chimney, because the filter chimney has low suction power than ducted one.

Ducted Chimney High Suction Power Black Color

3. If your cooking requirement is normal but you have planned an open kitchen which is open to the living room then you will be required to have a chimney compulsory, because the heat and fumes of food will spread in the living room also.

Kitchen filter chimney ductless

9. Kitchen Handles selection

Selection of handles is also very important because the operating of shutters and cabinet depends on handles itself.

Kitchen Handles selection

There are a variety of new handles available in the market, use pull grip profile handles, G-Section, J-Section, D-Section with different finishes also like chrome finish, brush finish, matt finish, black matt, rose gold finish, etc.

Modular Kitchen Black Matt Profile Handle

Avoid using traditional open handles, which is not convenient when you work in the kitchen and sharp edges of the handles hurt and harmful for kids.

10. Lights arrangement

Artificial light also necessary in the kitchen while you work on the kitchen platform.

In the day time, you may get natural lights through the window but in the evening or one who doesn’t have window ventilation in the kitchen required proper lights.

Once the overhead storage installed above the kitchen platform the lights from the ceiling doesn’t pass directly on the platform when you are standing at the place.

Modular Kitchen Design Thane Mumbai (1)

So it’s required to install profile lights or small spotlights below the overhead cabinet to brighten the kitchen platform while you are working and it also adds beauty in your kitchen.

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