When you plan to buy a flat or while buying a flat you must have heard about the term semi-fully and unfurnished flats by builders, estate agents and home buyers like you.

So what exactly semi-fully and unfurnished flats are and what are the benefits& disadvantages of buying these types of flats.

Let’s starts with the unfurnished flat.

Unfurnished flat means No furniture, No electrical fittings, No Sanitary Fittings, No lights etc.

Builder just handovers the purchased flat with the Main door, Flooring, Kitchen Platform with wall tiles, Bathroom plumbing with tiles & Windows.

Benefits:- You can arrange and design your home according to your needs like, furniture, false ceiling, modular kitchen, painting, bath fittings, safety door etc. you can totally personalize the look

Disadvantages:- After getting possession, many things like the ones which are mentioned above has to be planned by you and also finding a right contractor and designer is your job. This might be time taking process for you.

Unfurnished flat interior cost:
1BHK- 5 lakh – 12 lakh
2BHK- 8 Lakh – 16 lakh
3BHK- 10 lakh – 25 Lakh

Semi-furnished flat

Semi furnished flats contain things which the home owner and builder mutually decide during the initial stage
So there are no specific criterion for these kinds of flats as mostly things are mutually decided and executed

Nowadays builder sell semi-furnished flats to attract customers. Generally, it includes all the doors in rooms, bath fittings, kitchen cabinets, false ceiling, painting, electrical fittings etc.

Benefits:- You can move into flat with your existing furniture & appliances, rest things can be covered after moving into newly purchased flat. You only have to plan out your existing furniture items like Sofa, TV Unit, Bed, Wardrobe etc.

Disadvantages:- Half they have done for you and half still is pending. So you still have to plan the set up and complete the whole look to bring it all together.

Semi-furnished flat interior cost:
1BHK- 3 lakh – 8 lakh
2BHK- 5 Lakh – 12 lakh
3BHK- 8 lakh – 16 Lakh

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Fully furnished flat

In a fully furnished you just need to move in with your clothes and some other appliances.
In fully furnished flats you get AC, Bed, Wardrobe, TV Unit, Sofa, Modular Kitchen, Bath Fittings, Lighting fixtures & all.

Benefits:- Ready to move condition, just purchase and move in.

Disadvantages:- Fully furnished flats may not be according to your taste & preference. The colour combinations and also for usability like kitchen countertop height, wardrobe internal sections etc may differ from your taste and use.

Fully-furnished flat interior cost:
1BHK- 50 K – 1 lakh
2BHK- 1 Lakh – 2 lakh
3BHK- 2 lakh – 3 Lakh

All these options are equally good; depending on your budget range and preference you can choose which suits you the best.