Modular kitchen is on the trend now, but before buying it let’s do some homework.

If you are one who bought a new house or planning to remodel your kitchen, then you must be aware that how it will affect your budget and of course quality of the modular kitchen.

There are actually three types of modular kitchen shops:
1. Branded Showroom
2. Local Area Shop
3. Online Store

Branded Modular Kitchen Shop

1. Branded Showroom

They are the brand and have a large number of stores across the country including franchises, who are spending millions of rupees in branding and marketing for their products. Like for an example, you’ll be seen ads on television and Google which drives you to their websites and pushes you to avail exciting offers.

These brands are well-known in the country as well as international market. Click on the link to know more about Top 5 Modular Kitchen Brands Near You.

So these brands somewhere costly unless you are getting big festival discounts and offers. Because they are spending lots of money on stores and sales to grab a business from you, which is natural. There is no doubt that they give you premium products and services as they have their own production units, but it may be not fit in your budget.

Local Area Modular Kitchen Shop

2. Local Area Shop

The shop of an individual who deals in branded and also non-branded companies products. Some have their small production unit or tied up with small-scale factories who do the production part on behalf of them. There may be lack of professionalism but you get connected with the end person (owner) with whom you can bargain and ask for a special discount.

These shops can give you a special service because there are no such rules. So here you get a special discount, special service, and also quality which fits in your budget.

Online Modular Kitchen Shop

CivilLane Interior Design Services Online

3. Online Store

These are visual stores with readymade designs along with the price. You can book an appointment online and their representative gets in touch with you and asks for a site visit to explain you the designs and taking measurements of your kitchen platform.

Here you may not find a particular shop to visit but a commitment of assured delivery on time and easy payment options.

The rates of modular kitchen are almost same as the branded showroom and local area shop but you find a good experience.

4. Freelancer

This we have not listed above because it doesn’t come into the shop, but you get the lowest rate than above for your modular kitchen, yes!

The person who is an interior designer or carpenter done the job for the company and starts their own as a freelancer with good knowledge and experience.

They don’t have a shop so don’t have overheads and don’t need to pay wages to staff. They place your order directly at the factory and after dispatch, he personally or with the help of carpenter on lumpsum basis assemble your modular kitchen.

We highly recommend the freelancer if you get a good reference from your family and friends.

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