Everyone loves the WHITE color. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White looks safe, pure, and cleanliness.

But, If we talk about to use inside our typical Indian home interior, especially for the kitchen, then most of the homeowners will avoid using any kind of material which required maintenance.

Are you talking about white?

For kitchen?

No Way,

Who will clean my kitchen?

A typical reaction will come from your better half. I hope you will agree!

Well, that’s the matter of argument, and no one can win in front of homemaker. If it’s about the kitchen.

But at the same time, I will say that white looks awesome not only on the kitchen countertop but also on wash basin counter, flooring, office desk, window frame, door frame, and temple etc.

We have received many calls, emails, and comments about how and where we can use this nano white marble?

Is it durable?

Is absorbed turmeric?

Can we repolish it again? and so on…

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Nano White Marble Stone Mumbai

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One of our visitors asked that he installed nano white marble on the kitchen countertop and its joints have turned black and yellowish after using it, so he asked about the solution to avoid it and how can he add an attractive look.

We took it seriously and done the R&D at our factory. Results are more than expected.

What we did:
To avoid that yellowish stain, we have put a thin black granite strip in between. Which is joint with adhesive.

Because of black granite color, the joints will not look black and it works as a highlighter on the kitchen countertop.

You can use blue, green, red or any other color you want as a highlighter.

Please watch video below “Nano White Marble Stone Moulding”