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Every home owner like you and me, will always want to spend money on things which will last for long term, Right?

If you are renovating your home or it’s a new house that you bought, the important thing while doing so is, thinking about your furniture.

Now here most of home owners get confused, whether to go for Modular furniture’s or to go for Carpentry work which is done on site.

Let’s understand what happens in Modular Furniture:

Modular Furniture TV Unit G Section Drawer


If you were living in a rental house but now you have bought your own house, in this case you would want the furniture to be less expensive as huge money goes while buying a new house, in this case you can go for modular.

Other benefits apart from being pocket friendly:

Furniture designer comes to your site to take measurements, explain you the design; you select laminates and hardware, that’s it!

Different parts of furniture is brought to site and directly assembled over there. Unlike carpentry work where work is sometimes done on site or at carpenter’s workshop from beginning.

The best part about modular furniture is that it is completely made by machines, right from cutting to laminate pressing, edge banding etc…

Once you have placed the order, now you relax and wait for materials to arrive at your site.
Once the materials arrive at your site, carpenter will come and assemble the parts within 2-3 days or depends on work, and you are DONE.

Ready to use, No Mess, No cleaning, Nothing…


Modular furniture would be cheap, but at same time would have no durability compared to carpentry & would have less strength.

Mostly modular work is 90% made with MDF or Particle Board. It is unfair but once MDF or PLY is covered by both side with laminate and edge banding, you can’t judge which material is used inside.

Now let’s understand about carpentry furniture:

Custom made carpentry furniture door making

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If you own a house, you should definitely go for on-site carpentry work for all the furniture items you want to make except kitchen. For kitchen we will recommend to go for Modular Kitchen.

Your priority should be things such as safety, durability, benefits of spending on these will last long.

Carpentry work is done purely in ply & timber.

In carpentry you can choose type of ply you want to use for making furniture. E.g. Commercial ply, MR ply, Marine Ply, Gurjan Ply etc.

If you take a decision to go for carpentry work, you might have to do some extra work for better furniture like, go to buy plywood with carpenter, choose laminates at different shops for days or weeks, buy hardware etc.

And also you need to be present on site while fixing furniture, which is little difficult in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Delhi, where people have no time except Saturday or Sunday.

While making carpentry furniture there are few things which you need to keep in mind that,

1. For most of the time things get messed up, when you call a carpenter & he is new on Fields and is not able to pick your ideas as you want him to & apply it for your furniture’s.

2. It would be better if you call a carpenter with some experience on field & explain your ideas to him. If he gets the exact idea what you want your house to look like he would guide you instead & would tell you the do’s and the don’ts for the best results.

3. If you are giving work on labour basis then there won’t be any warranty period as all the materials are given by you to the workers, at the maximum he might give you 4-6 months warranty period.

4. On the other hand if you hire a contractor for the same work then you should be aware of the terms and condition that you agreed on.

Generally, 1 year warranty is given to you by contractor if you have made a written contract with him.