When you purchase a house, it is almost in a raw condition, you can just see the walls and nothing else. Empty floor with no objects placed, that’s one of the most satisfying view of your house with no cluster, and lot of space.

Now situation gets changed when you plan your home interior and place furniture, if it is planned with the traffic flow keeping in mind then it will be okay, but if not then it will draw your attention until you correct it or renovate your house.

But not to worry, if you keep below explained simple points in mind while planning your home interior, you will not face traffic problems.

A good home interior design is that, which is stress free and clutter free.

Inside our homes we always choose the shortest distance to reach the desired room or destination. When the house is filled with furniture which is not properly placed the walking paths become longer hence becoming movement stressful.

Now let’s talk about clutter free: make sure your objects (furniture)are not fighting with each other. This can make your traffic path longer and indirectly can make it stressful.

What is House traffic flow?

The house interior traffic is nothing but the flow between one room to another and patterns.

In an empty new house you can walk easily from one room to another, but after objects are placed, the path gets changed &you can’t walk that easily as compared to an empty house.

Just imagine that you are sitting on sofa and watching your favorite TV show, and people just walk through the space between your sofa and the TV because that’s the only route to enter the other room.

You can’t do anything, right?

Please see image below

An incorrect house interior traffic flow

In below image you can see that there is a incorrect traffic flow in living room, which is marked in red. and the Kitchen distance is so far from living room.

An incorrect house interior traffic flow

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Correct house interior traffic flow

Correct house interior traffic flow
In above floor plan we have changed TV unit position and shorten the distance of kitchen from living room.

Try it yourself:-

Take a print out of your floor plan provided by builder or interior designer and mark traffic path in your house.

If you are living in old house and don’t have floor plan, draw a rough floor plan on piece of paper or make 2D design of your home with exact measurements.