Things get managed if you are willing to do!

Yes, why don’t manage that extra unplanned space which you required the most?

We have done it and the Mr.Gaikwad family loved it.

We have transformed 1 BHK apartment area of 500 sq.ft into a 2 BHK apartment located in Powai, Mumbai.

How it’s started?

So we got a free estimate form on our website and also a call from Mr.Gaikwad who was working in Bangalore and wanted to renovate his house in Mumbai area.

He said that he has seen our many YouTube videos and especially that 1RK converted 1BHK. He is impressed by our work and wanted to do space planning for his house too from 1BHK to 2BHK.

They are family of 5 people so wanted 2 bedrooms.

And we said… we can manage it!

After that call, we decided a site visit for the measurement and documentation of his family requirements regarding the color scheme, materials, storage space, and budget.

Instead of starting an unplanned renovation, we first designed a floor layout with all the requirements and possibilities for 2BHK. And when we shared that plan with Mr.Gaikwad, he said, it is as expected and a perfect planning.

Then we started preparing all the required drawings like furniture, kitchen, false ceiling, bathroom fittings, electrical points, elevations etc.

All drawings approved and finally, we prepared an itemized estimate for which all the homeowners are curious but also worried about the cost.

The estimate was in the budget of Mr.Gaikwad and wanted to start the work as soon as possible.

Then we started a full-fledged work and completed the entire site in 55 days.

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Alteration Done:-
1. Combined living room with the open kitchen concept.
2. Existing kitchen converted into kids bedroom.
3. Common bedroom converted into the master bedroom.
4. Availed space for an extra toilet in the master bedroom.
5. The common bathroom attached with wall mounted WC, shower, and washbasin.

Space Utilization:-
1. Sofa cum bed in the living room
2. 4 seater Dining table in front of the main door.
3. Overhead storage in kitchen and passage area
4. Sliding wardrobe in the bedrooms.
5. Folding shoe rack outside the safety door.

Design Tricks:-
1. Entire apartment designed with only two Colors, Ivory Shades & Wooden Brown (Flooring, Furniture & Painting)
2. Used glass for kitchen partition & dining table top to avoid gaudiness.
3. False ceiling designed to create a mood in the room with indirect lights.
4. Increased window width and height to let natural light come inside the room.
5. Use of mirror on the wardrobe to appear kids room bigger.

Planning with proper design and tricks, makes your home not only beautiful but also saves your money from undesired things.

Do not hesitate to call us or inquire about your home renovation planning. We may help you to get your dream home.

Watch video below for “1 BHK Converted Into 2 BHK”