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Things people do while renovating their house…..

When you think of Renovating your house or make the newly bought house lavish looking and luxurious.

You get excited and think different ideas for particular room and even search for images of luxurious and lavish homes. This thing is done by each and every adult in the house and then you compare the images, ideas and get confused, then worry about the results you would get. While searching for different designs, there might be one design which you would like the most and decide to go for, but there’s a catch to this, some relatives might tell you not to go for it and you get confused again.

You visit some relatives or friends where you have seen some good renovation work done.


Make Up Your Ideas
Don’t go for rooms as per picture you collected from Google, sometimes it might not be possible to make the exact room as picture and it becomes unpleasing sometimes.

E.g. You want the design of false ceiling to be done in your living room, but the design you collected is for a bigger room and you have a small size living room, this might not fit properly and won’t look pleasing too.


Take Itemized Estimate
Let’s say, you hired a contractor and show him some pictures or share your ideas with him, after finishing the conversation you ask him for estimate of renovating your house and he gives you a round figure estimate for the work.

Never take approx. rates from contractor, always ask for itemized estimate so that you get idea of what you are spending for a particular room and if in future you need to do some cost cutting it might become easy too, as you would exactly know where to cut cost, and the savings you do by it, right?


Make Sure To Keep Your Head Clear And Think

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Sometimes what happens is that you give attention to living room and while coming till bedroom your budget gets exceeded.

Suppose for a 2BHK you have a budget of 10 lakhs, and you started the renovation from living room then in between the work, somehow you felt to make some changes, and you made the changes. At the end of living room you would fell like you have spent more than 50% of your budget to make living room look extra-ordinary, and still have to make plans for 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms.


Do Not Run Blindly
Don’t run blindly or fall for an image you found on internet, imagine those things in your house and if it gets difficult for you to decide,

We suggest if you are renovating don’t be random, take a “2d design” from an interior designer and that would help you lead the work in a smoother manner and would be more easily manageable by you and the contractor.

As it’s on paper it should be great and simple for any work, let it be electrical, civil, etc.


What Not To Do
Never call Vastu Consultant, Designer, Contractor at the same time, because then in dispute between them would make you more confuse. Instead call them separately and think of things to do from what ideas they have.

Call contractors and ask for estimate, first contractor will quote 8 lakh, second would quote 10 lakh, third would quote 12 lakh.

Don’t be a guy who goes for fewer amounts, Ask for material used, its quality and brand names.

Call designer for getting ideas, show images you searched and ask designer to give ideas.