As a home owner like you, I had also planned to convert my one room kitchen into 1 bedroom hall kitchen, before I started this website.

As a lay man I was confused about the budget, planning, look and feel and materials. I also wasn’t aware of the market trends.

So like every home owner do, I took help from friends and relatives who know contractors and they have worked in the same field too. That time I had been given reference of 2-3 contractors by relatives and friends whom I called and invited at my home for estimate.

I invited 2 contractors at my home and gave requirements as needed, where Flooring needs to be change, electrical points; false ceiling needs to be done, kitchen placement, bedroom placement, furniture, bathrooms, and painting. Almost all things need to be done from scratch.

After all this requirements given to both the contractor which I called at different course of time. Each contractor had their own plans, suggestions and ideas. After meeting 2 contractors I was completely confused that which plan is good for me and whom to choose.

Now I was waiting for the quotation from them.

After two days they gave me quotation. That was also shocking for me, because each contractor given me different rates for my same requirements.

1st contractor – Rs.3,62,500/-
2nd contractor – Rs.5,85,000/-

Now whom I should trust?

Now this problem is faced by every home owner right?

The 1st contractor didn’t mention any quantity and material brands that he will use. Where 2nd contractor mentioned quantity and brands as well. Still I couldn’t make the decision.

After all this, I decided to consult an interior designer whose motive is not to win my project but provide convenient design for my home.

I know it will add some extra cost in pocket but will help me to plan properly and decent way of my home renovation with specific budget. Because middle class family renovate their home after 8 to 10 years.

Well, Interior designer suggested me latest ideas and materials as per my budget, and gave me 2 designs for my 1 Room Kitchen (1RK).

CivilLane Interior Design Services Online

First design was as per requirements and planning and second design with his inputs regarding look and feel, functionality and budget.

Then I finalized second design plan and took estimate again based on design from that 2 contractors.
Now after I gave design, both of the contractor’s estimates almost similar, because of they are clear with the work, material and design.

After that,
1st contractor quotation – Rs.4,30,000/-
2nd contractor quotation – Rs.4,55,000/-

Now here I realized that first contractor didn’t clear with all my requirements or may be going to use low quality materials and 2nd with little hire side which was out of my budget.

This is the most satisfying stage for my home renovation.

I am clear with my needs, my budget and planning.


Without planning what happens?

You are in enthusiasm and plan thing with downloaded images from internet and ideas which may not fit for your home and budget.

If you start with those ideas, you realize that budget is going high and you can’t skip. Also in middle of the project you keep changing your mind, which delay your work and you lose patience.

Indirectly it increases the costing and may imbalance your budget.

How to plan your home renovation?

1. Analyze your requirements
2. Prepare budget.
3. Make 2D or 3D drawings (2D must for ease in execution)
4. Take estimate base on Design. Not more than 3 contractors
5. Choose materials as per given budget by designer or contractor
6. Plan your home shifting
7. Take date from contractor for completion
8. Understand payment condition (with or without taxes)
9. Check the entire thing before shifting in new home that working properly.
10. Take all the material bills with warranty cards.