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Recently we had a discussion with one of the contractor regarding replacing the existing aluminium window:
As per the contractor’s experience, he says that aluminum window frame is in demand these days as it is a cheaper option as compared to the wooden frames, also the maintenance cost is comparatively less and in addition to the positives it is long lasting.

Resizing your existing aluminum window is also very easy, you can easily reuse the existing aluminum frame and fill the gaps with silicon.

If you are replacing aluminum window:

Existing window can be replaced by using same frame with anodizing and glass, if existing window is not soundproof and you are planning to convert the same window into a soundproof window, then it will not work. Because in soundproofing windows double pane sandwich glass is used, this in your existing window can’t be fitted. It requires different sections, for that you have to install new sliding window.

In newly bought home:

Some times in newly bought flat some builder provides aluminum French window which not of good quality or doesn’t slide smoothly, if home owners want to change it, which adds to the cost.

What we suggest:

Here contractor suggest make a new window without repairing your existing aluminum window.

If you want to change the glass, and have anodized aluminum window, it will almost cost you as much as a new window, because in this process contractor needs to check the current condition of window whether it is possible or not, and he needs to dismantle the whole window carry and transport it to workshop and send aluminum sections for anodizing at altogether different place. and transport it back to workshop and get the glass fitted and other accessories i.e. glass pvc, screws, silicon etc. and finally transport to your home and fit it at the place.

In new aluminum sliding window you get warranty, service and it adds more years. which is not what you may get while replacing your existing window.

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